Letter From Matchim Bernard Law Group

The LMG received Documentation from Matchim Bernard Law Group in reference to  the implications made, in regards to confidential credit card statements that were released to the public without proper authority.


Click here to view the letter from Matchim Bernard Law Group

Improved Driving Conditions on Dundee Road

There will be patching and padding to improve the conditions of Dundee road which will commence this spring. This is a temporary solution due to the ongoing review of the project from AANDC which has delayed funding for the project.


A favorable decision is expected from AANDC although it will take some more time to receive an official decision and an official go ahead for the project to fully pave Dundee Road.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Director of Capital and Infrastructure, Jody Mitchell at 418-788-3022

First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy – National Science Camp – Prince Edward Island, August 13 – 19, 2014

First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy – National Science Camp – Prince Edward Island, August 13 – 19, 2014

 Ladies and Gentlemen: 

On behalf of the Québec Region Selection Committee, I am pleased to inform you of an exciting opportunity for five (5) First Nations and Inuit students, aged 12 to 15, non-smokers and living on reserve, to represent Québec Region at a National Science Camp as part of the First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy. 

The week-long camp will be held August 13-19, 2014 in Prince Edward Island at Centre Goéland (Wellington), the University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College hosted by Lennox Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). The representatives from Québec Region will meet and interact with First Nations and Inuit students from across Canada while participating in a variety of dynamic educational experiences focusing on science and technology. Participants will be required to complete an evaluation of their experiences at the camp. 

To participate, students have to produce an essay on “How science and technology can help First Nations improve life on reserve” or to submit their winning science fair project report. 

All costs for participation in the camp, including travel, meals and accommodations for the participants will be provided. Costs for a chaperon to take each participant to a local departure point will be covered as well. 

Information on the camp, an application form, parental consent form and submission guidelines are enclosed. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact me at (418) 951-3219 or sonia.cieslak@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca 

Good luck!

 Sonia Cieslak

Programs Officer

Education and Social Development

Programs and Partnerships

 National Science Camp 2014 – Prince Edward Island

Hosted by Lennox Island First Nation

August 13 – 19, 2014 

in Partnership with

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and The University of Prince Edward Island


Various activities related to science and technology such as:

  • Workshops at the University of Prince Edward Island
  • Visiting Holland College -Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technology
  • Visiting Atlantic Veterinary College
  • Elephant Thoughts Workshops
  • Visiting National Parks
  • Guided Astronomy Lessons

Students will travel from home to a local departure point and will fly from there to Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, where they will be met by camp staff.

Participants will return from Charlottetown Prince Edward Island to their local departure point, and then to their own community.


Students will be accompanied to a local departure point and picked up at that point by a chaperon from the camp. Two chaperons will accompany the participants to the camp. All chaperons at the camp will be required to provide a criminal record check completed by their local police officials.

Students will stay at Centre Goéland Wellington PEI, with safe accommodations. Girls and boys are separated from each other at night.

All costs for participants, including travel, meals and accommodation are provided. Students will be allowed to bring a maximum of $250.00 in personal spending money and a calling card. 

Travel costs for a parent/chaperon to bring the participant to the local departure point, including accommodations and meals, when necessary, will also be covered.

 Students will be accompanied by a parent/chaperon to a local departure point.

 A chaperon or other camp representative will meet and travel with the students from the local departure point to Prince Edward Island.

 If the students are traveling alone, airlines will be made aware that these are juveniles traveling unaccompanied, and supervision at the airport and while boarding and leaving the aircraft will be arranged.

 Chaperons and/or camp staff will meet the students upon arrival in Prince Edward Island, will accompany the students to the camp and will be with them at all times.

 When returning home, if not traveling with them, the chaperons will remain with the students at the airport until they are placed in the care of the airline for boarding.

 The name of the family member/chaperone picking up the student at the local departure point must be provided in advance, and each person will be required to provide photo identification in order for the child to be released to them.

First Nations and Inuit students aged 12 to 15, non-smoker, living on reserve and enrolled full-time in a council-operated, federal, provincial or provincially-recognized school (including private schools and home schooling) as well as Inuit students aged 12 to 15, non-smoker, residing in the North. Applicants must have demonstrated a real interest in participating in such event. Please note that it will be a smoke-free environment.

Schools can nominate students who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at their science fairs.  If schools did not have a science fair this year, the science teacher can ask their students to submit an essay describing the impact of science and technology in their life in the community, what they think they would learn in participating at the National Science Camp, and what they could contribute to the camp. The essay is to be a maximum of one typed page or two handwritten pages.

 The selection committee will choose the finalists on the content of these essays.

 The application must include:

o    the students winning science fair project (report) or essay

o    a letter of support from the school

o    a letter of reference from one non-family community member

o    a signed parental permission form

o    Statement of Eligibility

o    Application Form

o    UPEI Photo Release Media Authorization Release from Liability

o    Elephant Thoughts Photographic Consent Form 

Applications which do not include all the required documentation will not be considered.

The deadline for submitting the applications is June 6, 2014. Applications must be received by this date. Late applications will not be considered. 

Applications may be submitted by mail, fax, or electronically. When sent by fax or e-mail, they must include all documentation and the original signed application form, the statement of eligibility, the permission forms and the letters of support must follow by mail




Mrs Sonia Cieslak

Programs Officer

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Place Jacques-Cartier Complex

320 East St-Joseph Street  – Room 400

Québec (Québec)  G1K 9J2

Tel:  418 951-3219                         

Fax: 418 648-7685

E-mail: sonia.cieslak@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca




Finalists will be selected by the committee during the week of June 9, 2014. They will be notified on June 11, 2014.

Acceptance must be confirmed in writing by June 13, 2014. If confirmation of acceptance is not received from any of the 5 participants by that time, an alternate candidate wi
ll be selected.

 Any alternates selected will be notified on June 17, 2014, and confirmation of acceptance to be a participant must be received by June 19, 2014.

National Science Camp 2014 – Prince Edward Island

Hosted by Lennox Island First Nation

August 13 – 19, 2014


in Partnership with

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

and The University of Prince Edward Island

Click Here For The Media Authorization Form

Click Here For The Permission Form

Click Here For The Registration Form

Click Here For The Statement of Eligibility Form

Harmony Tree Planting Activity

Like previous years we are having our Harmony tree planting activity along the Restigouche River. Pen pals from the Matapedia School will be accompanying Listuguj Students for this special day. Bus will be at AGS at 9:15 and planting will start around 10AM NB time Thursday June 5th in case of rain the activity will be moved to Friday June 6th.  We are not responsible for electronic devices:

 (Cell phones, mp3, Ipod, Ipad etc…) 1000 trees this is our goal for the 6th year.

Water and gloves will be provided


For this special activity students and staff are suggested to bring:

                                     Appropriate clothing for weather that day

                                     Rubber boots, hats,

                                     Bug repellent, sun screen

                                     Lunch for dinner 

Gignu Project

Within the agreement between the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government and  Mamu Construction there are specifications in which hiring priority is given to any Listuguj Mi’gmaq that have the skills to perform the job required.

Positions will only be given to non-community members if there is no Listuguj Mi’gmaq with the required skillset for the position to be filled

This project will create between 10 to 15 jobs for Listuguj Mi’gmaq throughout the process from start to finish. Mamu Construction will be maximizing the local work force in all areas during the construction process such as man power, trucking, excavators and other assets the local work force can provide.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mike Isaac, Communications Officer at 418-788-2136 or michael.isaac@listuguj.ca

New Server and RPM Project

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government is in the process of completing a major Information Technology investment into our IT infrastructure.

In winter 2013, a funding proposal was made to AANDC to support our efforts to make real and necessary improvements to our computer systems. Together with the Health Directorate, an additional $80,000 from Health Canada, the project is now in the implementation phase.

The main server is located at the Listuguj Education Complex with a backup located at Listuguj Community Health Services. This will allow for more efficient file sharing between users, improved security for all LMG buildings and it will provide daily back-ups of all information so that in the case of an office computer becoming compromised (Software or hardware failure) all data can be recovered quickly.

This project will allow for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) project to come to fruition.  The RPM project will give Listuguj Community Health Services the ability to provide services within the home such as monitor the status of patients throughout the day, along with educating patients on what may cause irregularities in their status and provide treatment for community members with Diabetes.

For more information on the RPM project you can contact the Listuguj Community Health Center at 418-788-2155


For more information on the Server project you can contact Bruce Fitzgerald at 418-788-2136

Lobster Delivery Error On Mothers Day

E. Gagnon et Fils Ltd. would like to apologize for an error that occurred in the delivery of lobster to Listuguj for Mother’s Day. 

We are truly sorry and we would like to apologize to the Chief, Band Council, and Management of fisheries and especially to the mothers of Listuguj who did not receive lobster.

To rectify the situation, we are pleased to send you the missing amount this week. Sorry for the inconvenience and we wish you a good feast. 

On behalf the management of E.Gagnon et Fils Ltd.


Best Regards

 Henry Clapperton

General Director 


E. Gagnon et Fils Ltd did sent more lobster today and it will be distributed to those who did not receive lobster on mothers day as soon as possible.


Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact the Natural Resources Building at 418-788-3022

Environmental Community Organizer (ECO) Instructor posting

The LMDC is currently seeking to hire an Environmental Community Organizer (ECO) Instructor for a High School Summer Student Employment Program.

The position is for 7 weeks, starting June 23, 2014 to August 8, 2014.  Wages commensurate with education and experience and accommodation expenses are provided.

Interested Biologists, Forestry or Environmental Technicians can contact Summer Student Employment Coordinator Travis Wysote at (418) 788-1347 or at TWysote@lmdc.ca for more information on the complete job description. Wela’lioq.

Conversational French Language Employment Integration Program

Conversational French Language Employment Integration Program 

The FNRAEC and the LMDC have come together to offer you a job through the Conversational French Language Employment Integration Program. 

Program Components

  1. Conversational French
  2. Career Development
  3. Job Readiness

Cover Letters and Resumes

Interview Techniques

Job Maintenance

  1. 15 to 26 weeks Mentored Work Placements ** 


July 7th to August 29th, 2014


9am to 12pm daily – Conversational French

1pm to 3:30 pm daily – Career Development/Job Readiness 

Eligibility for Components 1 to 3: 16 years old or over and a resident of Quebec 

** Eligibility for Mentored Work Placements to begin September 8, 2014

Completion of components 1 to 3

18 to 24 Years Old

Social Assistance Recipient

Minimum High School Diploma or Equivalent 

Deadline to Register:  June 27, 2014 

How to Register: Contact Cathy Martin or Zachary Jacques at 418-788-1347 

Apprend à parler français!

Off-Reserve Mail-in Ballots and Advanced Voting FAQs – Listuguj Band Election

Q: How do I receive an off-reserve mail-in voting package?

A: All off-reserve voters (that have a registered Band number for Listuguj yet have a home/work/school address that is off-reserve) are eligible for mail voting packages. Each voter must submit their names and contact information and notify the Electoral officer or Assistant Electoral Officer of any changes of address.

Q: When do the mail-in ballots have to be returned?

A: Seal and drop the return envelope in the mail as soon as possible. It must be received by the Electoral Officer no later than 8 p.m. on Election Day (June 7th, 2014), so allow time for transit. Please consider the length of time for mail service delivery; generally speaking it takes 5-10 days. The Electoral Officer will receive mail up until the morning of Election Day. You may also deliver your envelope to the Electoral Officer at the Alaqsite’w Gitpu School on Election Day.

Q: Are we allowed to have another person deliver our mail-in voting packages at the polls on Election Day?

A: Yes. From the Electoral Officer’s Handbook: “The Regulations allow persons to hand deliver mail-in ballot packages to the Electoral Officer at the polling station. Any person delivering a completed mail-in ballot package on polling day on behalf of another elector must complete and sign a “Declaration of Persons Delivering Mail-in Ballot Packages” for each mail-in ballot package delivered.

Q: May I still vote in person on Election Day even if I received a mail-in ballot?

A: Yes. Whether you have already mailed in your voting package or not, you still have the right to vote in person on Election Day. HOWEVER, if you do vote in person, your mail-in ballot will be discarded at the counting process. As per 8.8.1 “Voting in Person”, if the elector returns the mail-in ballot, he or she can vote right away. If the elector does not have the mail-in ballot package on hand, he or she must complete a “Declaration of Lost or Misplaced Mail-in Ballot”.

Q: As an on-reserve elector, may I vote in advance prior to Election Day?

A: Yes, an elector may fill out a ballot in advance. Subsection 5(6) of the Regulations allows us to provide a mail-in voting package to electors who reside on the reserve at their request. At all costs, we must avoid giving the mail-in ballot package to a person other than the elector him or herself. The Electoral Officer or Assistant may either mail or hand-deliver the mail-in ballots to these electors. They must meet the Electoral and/or Assistant Electoral officer at the Listuguj Band Office and sign the following declaration: “For reasons beyond my control – I believe it would be difficult for me to vote on June 7th, 2014.” The advanced ballots (which are in sealed envelopes) are only opened at the beginning of the counting process just like the mail-in ballots.

If any individual has any further questions and/or concerns which we have not addressed regarding “Election 2014,” please do not hesitate to contact the following:
Michel Poirier, Electoral Officer: (418) 364-7585 / Cell (418) 392-9010
Christine (Tina) Barnaby, Assistant Electoral Officer: (418) 788-2136 / Cell: (506) 987-7777 or e-mail tinabarnaby@listuguj.ca