LETE to Lift Mask Protocols

Listuguj Education, Training & Employment (LETE) will be lifting the remaining mask protocols in all our buildings starting Monday, May 16th, 2022. As of this date, the decision to wear a mask will be voluntary for all staff, students and visitors entering our buildings and accessing our services.

We ask that everyone please respect each other’s decisions and personal space as we make these adjustments. Thank you for your cooperation.

LETE buildings include:

  • Listuguj Education, Training & Employment (Education Complex)
  • Alaqsite’w Gitpu School
  • Elawsimgewei Gina’muo’guom (FNRAEC)
  • Listuguj Mi’gmaq Development Centre (LMDC)


Head Start Student Application Notice

An important announcement that the Head Start Student applications can be picked up at the Head Start Building located at 6B Pacific Drive starting Monday May 2nd.

If you need more information you can contact Tina Martin at 418-788-3041.


Call for Tender: Alaqsite’w Gitpu School

Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government is posting a call for tender for the construction of an additional  Health room and upgrade of the administration section at Alaqsite’w Gitpu School

Please follow the link below for more information:

Call for Tender

Future of Our Community Education Group Disscussions (LETE)

 The Listuguj Education, Training & Employment Directorate is looking to hear from community members about the future of education for Listuguj. We want to hear from you about education planning for our community!

Why participate?

Through these engagements, we are aiming to better understand the needs and hopes for high school education, and education governance more broadly. We want to know the options for providing education that supports Mi’gmaq culture, language, worldviews – and importantly, students! This information will help us plan the future of education in our community.

During these group discussions, we hope you will share with us:

  • When you think about our youth’s future, and their identity as a Mi’gmaw person, what do you wish for them? What ways can a high school support that?
  • How can a high school best support culture, Mi’gmaw identity, language transmission, and revitalization while also ensuring academic success?
  • How can and should parents, caregivers and community members at large be involved in the governance of the Listuguj education system?

All who participate will receive a $50 gift card and a catered meal in recognition of your time and contributions.

How to participate?

Join us at one of the following focus groups sessions:

  • Saturday, April 9th at 12PM-2PM (lunch provided)

@ AGS Ceremony Room

  • Tuesday, April 12th at 11AM-1PM (lunch provided)

@ Elders’ Lodge

  • Tuesday, April 19th at 5PM-7PM (supper provided)

@ AGS Ceremony Room

To register for one of the upcoming focus group sessions, you can reach out to Kammy Vicaire at contact@lete.listuguj.ca, or call at 418-788-2248.

Follow the link to Visit the website to LETE

Office and School Cancellations Due to Weather Conditions

Due to the impending weather conditions, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Governmant office will be closed today, March 25th, 2022.
Furthermore, all classes are cancelled today for:
Alaqsite’w Gitpu School
First Nations Regional Adult Education Center
Adult Mi’gmaw Immersion
ESSB Programs housed at the LMDC
The Wildlife Protection program housed at the LMDC

Listuguj Mi’gmaw Language & Cultural Community Center Announcement

Ta’n teltetapu’mimajulti’gw gennmu’g, ango’tmu’g aq nujo’tmu’g ‘ms’t gm’tginaq ta’n Teli’sulti’gw, telangita’sulti’gw aq telinnulti’gw

Living our rights and responsibilities as Listugujewaq by speaking, thinking and being Mi’gmaq

Listuguj Comprehensive Community Plan, 2015

LISTUGUJ, GESPE’GEWA’GI, MI’GMA’GI, MARCH 24, 2022 — The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government (LMG) is excited to announce an investment of 1.3 million to build and develop the Listuguj Mi’gmaw Language & Cultural Community Center.

The Listuguj Mi’gmaw Language & Cultural Community Center, also known as the Turtle Lodge, is a community-driven project that seeks to provide a centralized public space for Mi’gmaw language and cultural resurgence in our community.

“The development of the Listuguj Mi’gmaw Language & Cultural Community Center is a true milestone for Listuguj. In 2019, community members told us they wanted a dedicated space to practice our language, cultural teachings, and ceremonies. Through this project, we hope to be able to make language and culture more accessible to community members and complement existing language and culture programs our community has to offer” – Chief Darcy Gray

The LMG is a successful applicant to the Cultural Spaces in Indigenous Communities Program Funding and has been awarded 1.15 million from Crown-Indigenous Relations and is investing $150,000 in own-source revenue towards to project. The project is being spearheaded by our Mi’gmaw Language Revitalization and Culture Project Coordinator and Capital and Infrastructure Department.

Conflict Resolution Training Course (LETE)

The Listuguj Education, Training and Employment Directorate has 5 seats available for the upcoming Conflict Resolution training dates:  April 13th & 14th – 2022 – Location Quality Inn – Lunch will be provided!

Workplace Conflict Resolution (2 days):

  • Building a Foundation / Establishing relationships
  • Types of conflict
  • Conflict resolution steps
  • Effective Strategies for defusing aggressive behavior
  • Conflict resolution and premise for mediation
  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Creating a Respectful Workplace
  • Identifying Behavior signs of lateral violence
  • Effective Communication and Active Listening

Applications are to be submitted to Ashley Barnaby at asbarnaby@lete.listuguj.ca


Student Registration – Education Governance Focus Group

The Listuguj Education, Training & Employment (LETE) is looking to talk to students and recent graduates (15-20 years old) about the future of education for Listuguj.

Join them next Wednesday, March 16, 2022. To register, send an email to contact@lete.listuguj.ca, writing “attending” and your full name.

For full details, follow the link below.


Jordan’s Principle Intervention Support Worker (Escuminac)

Title:                                Jordan’s Principle Intervention Support Worker (Escuminac)

Start Date:                       November 2021- June 2022

Term:                               Fix-Term (7-month contract)

Accountable to:               Escuminac Intermediate School Prinicpal



Summary of Function:

Under the supervision of the Escuminac Intermediate School Principal, the Intervention Support Worker is responsible for assisting classroom teachers with identified student(s). They may be required to assist the Teacher in the preparation of classroom materials, or the Guidance Counsellor in the implementation of behavior modification programs.


Job Duties:

  • Provide tutoring instruction for student(s) on individual education programs (IEP).
  • Accompany and supervise student(s) during Physical Education, French Language instruction, library, lunch, recess and on field trips.
  • Assist student(s) with lessons that have previously been taught by the teacher.
  • Assist the classroom teacher in the preparation of materials for programs and lessons for the student(s).
  • Attend staff or special education meetings to discuss progress and challenges of student(s), as required.
  • Assist the guidance office in the implementation of behavior modification plans.
  • Supervise student(s) during recess and/or dinner as required.
  • May be required to assist in an IEP meeting regarding the student(s).
  • Maintain professionalism and ensure confidentiality in all matters concerning student(s).




  • Education and/or Experience: Early Childhood, Human Services, Social Work Diploma/Degree or equivalent OR approximately 2 years of experience working/volunteering with individuals with disabilities; other combinations of education and experience may be considered
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Review and completion of all applicable policies
  • Must submit a Vulnerable Records Check
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in Mi’gmaq, English or French would be an asset.

Submit Confidential Applications, Resumes and References to:

LMG Human Resources

17 Riverside West,

Listuguj (Quebec) G0C 2R0                                     LMGHR@listuguj.ca




Alaqsite’w Gitpu School Health and Safety Message

This is an important message from the Alaqsite’w Gitpu School to all staff, students and parents of households impacted by Covid-19 cases and/or exposure to Covid-19.
While you may not have been directed to isolate or have completed your isolation period, “limited interaction” is necessary when members of your household are still within their isolation period.
For those staff/students and parents, given that it is not possible to “limit interaction” at a school, you must not report to work/school for the duration of the isolation period(s) within your household.
Parents can email Jeff Grass at jgrass@lete.listuguj.ca, or call the school at 418-788-3100 for more information.