Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government to Review the Code of Conduct

Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government to Review the Code of Conduct


On Tuesday, May 21st, 2019, Chief and Council met at a Duly Convened Chief and Council meeting and discussed the recommended changes to the Code of Conduct.


During this meeting, it was determined that there will be no changes made to the Code of Conduct at this time. Instead, Council suggested and agreed to review the Code of Conduct in full detail through discussion and collaboration, to make sure that the document is in the best interest for Listuguj members. To do so, Council will take part in council training prior to the review of the document and to ensure that it is within Listuguj Mi’gmaq values and of best interest for the members of our community.


Furthermore, to stay consistent with the current requirements of the code, if there are any proposed changes brought forward by council, it will be first brought to community members of Listuguj through a general assembly before these changes can be implemented. The overall goal continues to be the development and implementation of strong laws, by-laws and operational codes that are in line with Listuguj Mi’gmaq values and that are supported and acknowledged by the community of Listuguj.




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