Mi’gmaw Language Home Kits

The Mi’gmaw Language & Culture Revitalization Program is happy to announce that the Mi’gmaw Language Home Kit Pilot Project is ready for distribution. The home kits include:

  • 12 Mi’gmaw Books
  • 6 Indigenous & Mi’gmaw Language Educational Brochures/pamphlets
  • Chicken Run Movie in Mi’gmaw (DVD)
  • Writing book & pen
  • Mi’gmaw Language Online Resource Guide
  • Mi’gmaq Online Dictionary Bookmark
  • ‘Nnui’sultinej – Let’s Speak Mi’gmaw Bag

There is a limited amount of home kits. To reserve your home kit, please email Erika.marchand@listuguj.ca or councillor.chad@listuguj.ca.

NB Access – Send us your feedback

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government is concerned with the stories we’ve heard from community members and residents regarding mistreatment, harassment, denial of services, refusal of entry and/or access to essential goods and services across the bridge. 

Our government would like to thank all those who have come forward and shared their experiences to date. 

If you have experienced mistreatment, harassment, denial of services, refusal of entry and/or access to essential goods and services across the bridge, please write to us at feedback@listuguj.ca or call us at 418-788-2136 between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to document your experience.

Changes to NB Essential Travel – January 22, 2021

January 22, 2021 – The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government would like to advise residents of recent changes to the New Brunswick Mandatory Order that will come into effect on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 at midnight.

Residents of Listuguj First Nation [and Pointe-à-la-Croix, Quebec] must restrict travel to Restigouche County once per week for essential supplies (excluding urgent medical care, medical appointments, and animal care) between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Atlantic time.

We ask that all residents plan your travel for essential goods and services accordingly to meet this recent change. Maximize each trip by getting as many of your essentials as possible during your one trip per week.

Additionally, frequent travellers for work purposes, custody arrangements and medical appointments will be subject to mandatory weekly testing. We will share more details of this process as they become available.

The definition of essential goods and services includes:

  • Necessities of life (e.g. groceries, clothing, etc.) and supporting services (e.g. butchers for hunted game);
  • Health care (e.g. prescriptions, medical equipment & supplies, etc.). Health care travelers may be accompanied by a support person;
  • Goods and services required for work or employment;
  • Banking and financial institutions;
  • Transportation (e.g. automobile repair); and
  • Funerals and visitations of deceased immediate family members.

RL-31 Slips 2021

Tax season is here, and our Finance Directorate is preparing RL-31 slips for solidarity tax credit.

RL-31 slips will automatically be made for LMG tenants and for Section 95 clients. These slips will be mailed out by February 28, 2021.

Beginning February 1, 2021, all other community members can contact Hayley Isaac at hayley.isaac@listuguj.ca to have their slips made. She can also be reached at 418-788-2136 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

2021 Listuguj Community Calendars

The 2021 Listuguj Community Calendars are ready! This was a collaboration between Ta’n Wetapegsulti’gw and the Mi’gmaw Language Revitalization Project. The calendars will be distributed through the mail and be dropped off at all office buildings. If you would like a calendar and haven’t received one by next week, Wednesday, January 27th, you can email paige.isaac@listuguj.ca.

We’d like to thank all community members who sent in photos, text and helped with translation! Shout out to Griffin Thomas Germain for his beautiful artwork that was used to design the cover. Hope you enjoy!

#speakmigmaw #nnuisultinej #exploremigmagi

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration

This is a message from the Listuguj Community Health Services to Listuguj residents:

If you are between the ages of 18 and 60 years old, and are interested in getting the COVID-19 vaccine, call the Health Center to register for an appointment at (418) 788-2155.  Please call between 8:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Vaccine clinics are scheduled to begin in February, and we want to make sure we receive enough doses for every Listuguj resident who wants one.

Please note our Community Elders over the age of 60 years old will be contacted directly by Health Center staff.

COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out Schedule

Message from Donna Metallic, Director of Health:

By now, everyone would have gotten my message about how we are each responsible for the safety and well-being of our community as we try to get through this COVID-19 crisis.

I am happy to see the increase in the number of recovered cases here in Listuguj.  Please, lets all continue to follow COVID Safety Guidelines to keep this deadly pandemic out of our community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your community leaders, Unified Command and healthcare professionals have all played a key role.  We have leaned heavily on our Mi’gmaq culture and guiding principles to see our way through this crisis.

The new Moderna COVID-19 vaccine will complement our approach to safe-guard our community.  This vaccine will help protect everyone in Listuguj, especially our Elders and the people most at risk.

We can all chip-in by continuing to follow COVID Safety Guidelines and by getting vaccinated.  The COVID-19 vaccine will be available in Listuguj as of the first or second week of February.

Because of our large population, and the number of individuals who have indicated they would take the vaccine, we are working on our ‘Roll-Out’ Schedule for Listuguj. (See below)

We have already begun calling our Elders aged 60+ to see who is interested in getting the vaccine.  We started with our Elders over the age of 80, to ensure that those who are ‘most at risk’ will get the vaccine first should they wish to do so.

Our COVID Vaccine Roll-Out Schedule is published below. Links to websites with detailed information on the vaccine here in Canada will be released through official LMG media channels over the coming weeks.

Even when the vaccine arrives in our community, the crisis will still be a threat for some time.  We need to continue keeping each other safe.  We all need to do our part and follow COVID Safety Guidelines:

  • Wash our hands often
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay 2 meters apart
  • Avoid gatherings

Together, we can do this.  To learn more about the best ways to protect yourself and others, or to get the facts about vaccines, please visit the LMG Website or Canada.ca/coronavirus.


Listuguj COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out Schedule

Group #1:     Critical workers including Health & Social Services workers with direct contact with clients;

Community Members aged 80+ (born before 1939);

Group #2:     Individuals between the ages of 60 – 79 years old;

Group #3:     Individuals under the age of 60 with a chronical illness;

Group #4:     Essential workers/employees

Group #5:     Balance of adult population 18+ years old.


Brighter Futures Community Notice

In light of the restrictions placed on our students due to COVID-19, the Listuguj Community Health Services Brighter Future Program wants to support outdoor activities to encourage physical and mental health and well-being.

The Brighter Futures program will now be accepting receipts for outdoor EQUIPMENT, such as skates, helmets, snowshoes, hockey sticks, sleds, etc.  They will not reimburse for winter clothing items.

This incentive is available to students who have not yet accessed our program for their Winter Extracurricular activities.

All receipts are subject for review/approval.

For more information, contact Wanda Metallic at (418) 788-2155.

Construction of Storm Lift Station – Drainage of Caplin Road

Please be advised that Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government has initiated the second phase of the Storm Drainage Upgrades for the Caplin Road Area.  As part of this major project, a new storm water lift station will be constructed near the intersection of Caplin Road and Interprovincial Blvd.

Once completed, Listuguj will be able to pump the storm water directly in the Restigouche River near the intersection of Caplin Road and Riverside East Road, utilizing the recently installed piping system on Caplin Road.  This project will increase the reliability of the storm system and provide better protection during major storm events.

During the work, heavy equipment will be periodically entering and exiting the work area.  We ask that you remain conscientious of this equipment and that you keep an eye on younger children and pets to avoid any accidents.

The work is anticipated to be completed by late May / early June 2021.

We recognize that the planned work will be an inconvenience, and your patience during these upgrades is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions concerning this subject, please feel free to contact us at the numbers below.



Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government



Ms. Jody Mitchell, Director of Capital and Infrastructure – Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government
Tel: (418) 788-3022

Mr. Bassem Abdrabou, General Manager of Capital and Infrastructure – Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government Tel: (418) 788-3022