Plamu Fishery 2022

Plamu Fishery 2022

On May 24, 2022, Chief and Council passed a motion to start the Plamu Fishery on Friday, May 27, 2022 and end July 26, 2022 (St. Anne’s Day). Given our current reality with rising costs of living and food insecurity, the Plamu Fishery will help our families put traditional and nutritious food on their tables.

As Listugujewaq, living in line with our teachings and responsibilities is essential to who we are as a People. Chief and Council, through the Office of Chief and Council, have offered tobacco, and a ceremony will be held on May 27th, 2022 at the Listuguj Warf at 3:00 pm to honour our relationship with the Plamu and the Water Spirit.

It’s our protocol, to gift the first catch of the season to our Elders and those in need. Fishers looking for other ways to give back may also consider donating to the Listuguj Community Kitchen, the Migwite’tm Committee and the Listuguj Powwow Committee to help support upcoming community feasts.

Railway Modification on Quospem Road

Pursuant to the Act to ensure Safety in Guided land Transport (S-3.3), this notice is given to advise that the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government is planning to build two (2) new railway crossings on its territory at miles 10.79 and 11.08 of the Gaspésie Railway, owned by the Ministère des Transports du Québec and operated by the Société de Chemin de Fer de la Gaspésie. The work also includes minor modifications to the existing crossing located at mile 11.68 of the same section at Quospem Road in Listuguj.

The contact information’s for the proponent are the following:

Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government

17 Riverside -Drive West,

Listuguj, Qc

G0C 2R0

Plans, profiles, drawings and specifications for the work can be viewed at the following location:

Natural Resources Building

44 Dundee Road

Listuguj, Qc

G0C 2R0

Any interested person may object to the execution of all or part of the announced work if he/she considers that the execution of the work constitutes a threat to his/her safety or to his/her property.

The objection must be in writing, specify the interest of the objector and contain all the reasons on which it is made. It must be served in accordance with the Code de procedure civil (Chapter C-25.01) on the proponent of the work before July 24th, 2022 5:00PM (Atlantic time) and forwarded to the Minister of Transportation with proof of service.

St Anne’s Church Demolition Notice

Please be advised that beginning the week of May 24th demolition of the St Anne’s church and MMS buildings will begin. All safety precautions for the demolition have been approved by LMG’s Health and Safety Department and CNESST. During the demolition work, daily air tests will be taken by an environmental company to ensure that any airborne contaminants from the site do not pose a health concern for our community.

Also, be advised that heavy equipment and trucks will be operating in the area and may cause intermittent traffic delays.

The LMG Health & Safety Department will be present throughout the demolition process to monitor all work activities.

Beautification Season Announcement

The Listuguj Mi’maq Government is building a Beautification Employee data bank. For further information contact Ranay Metallic at Human Resources 418-788-2136 EXT. 2170 or

Construction Job Announcement

The Listuguj Mi’maq Government would like to inform you that there will be Construction Trade jobs in our community. For more information, contact our Human Resource Department at, or Ranay Metallic, 418-788-2136  ext.2170.

Listuguj Community Health Services Lunch and Learn

The Listuguj Community Health Services will be hosting a Lunch and Learn on Wednesday May 25th from 12noon-1pm at the Elder’s Lodge.

There will be food, prizes and this month’s “Lunch and Learn” theme is “Summer Nutrition” with Registered Dietitian Mallory Campbell.


Community Cleanup Reminder

A friendly notice that Public Works will be going around each day picking up garbage, starting May 16th to the 27th, 2022.
Please have trash separated. Recycling, Trash, and Hazardous waste materials.

Important Notice for The Listuguj Post Office New Location

The Listuguj Post Office is happy to announce that it is expanding and moving to a new facility at the Listuguj Community Development Center (the Bingo Hall).

Formerly having 540 boxes, the new Post Office will have over 1000 boxes. If you are a resident of Listuguj, (living on reserve) in either a house or apartment, you will be automatically assigned a residential post office box.

There is no need to apply for a new box

New boxes will be assigned over the first several weeks/months of operation. If you do not have a residence on reserve, or you share a residence, you do not qualify for an additional box. It is the Listuguj Post Office goal to assign one box to every physical residence on reserve. The LMG is asking that everyone please be patient with the postal workers.

It is important that everyone take note that, with the move there will he some changes

  • For all new residential post office box holders, please make sure that the correct address, where you are currently living, is on all your mail and packages and please add your new box number to your mail or parcels so that we can continue to get everything sorted in a fast and effective manner. Mail without box numbers will he sorted
  • Mail will no longer be given out at the Every box will have a key; if the key is lost, the Listuguj Post Office will take your request to make you a replacement key for a fee of $20.00. ($20 includes cost of the blank key, cost of the key cutting service and fuel surcharge for the trip to Campbellton to make a new key and the time consumed by an employee
  • Picking up someone else’s mail? You need to have their key; no key, no
  • LMG Post Office workers will no longer be providing information over the phone to inform customers that they have mail or Present yourself in person to pick up your mail and packages

New Water Treatment Plant and Reservoir Notice

In order to continue providing safe and reliable drinking water, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government is proceeding with the construction of a new Water Treatment Plant and a new water storage reservoir. During the work, the existing water source will not be disrupted, and the water supply will be maintained to the community throughout construction. After the construction is completed and the new facility is placed online, the existing plant will be decommissioned without disruption to the community water supply.

The construction will be at the drinking water plant located on Lnu street and Pacific Drive.

During the work, heavy equipment will be periodically entering and exiting the work area.  We ask that you remain conscientious of this equipment and that you keep an eye on younger children and pets to avoid any accidents.

The work is anticipated to be completed by the end of November 2022.


Listuguj Mi’Gmaq Government



Listuguj Medical Transportation Service Closed May 19th, 20th

A notice that May 19th and 20th, 2022, the Listuguj Medical Transportation Drivers will be in Training. Transportation service will not be available for those days.  In order to get reimbursed for Local please retain a copy of your medical attestation along with cab receipt.