Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government Gives Thanks to Those Who Donated to Migwite’tm ’81 Commemoration Community Event


Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government gives thanks to those who donated to Migwite’tm ’81 Commemoration Community Event


On June 11, 2019, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government held the Migwite’tm ’81 Commemoration community event, where community members took part in an organized walk while they reflected upon the significance of this day. The event ended with a feast in which the community enjoyed donated salmon and fiddleheads.

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government would like to give thanks to those who donated fiddleheads and salmon for this event. We would like to thank Ruby Barnaby, the Listuguj/McGill cohort, and Calvin Barnaby for donating their fiddleheads. As for the salmon, we would like to thank Gordon Isaac jr., Je’gopsn Metallic, Kyler Barnaby, Fred Metallic, and Tammy Martin. We would also like to thank Provigo for their work in processing the salmon.

We would like to acknowledge and thank you for your time and effort that went into the process of harvesting the salmon and fiddle heads, and then donating them for our community. Thanks to your donation, we were able to provide our community members a salmon and fiddlehead meal at our Migwite’tm ’81 Commemoration event and ensure that our community continues to remember the significance of this date while enjoying a nice plate of salmon and fiddleheads.

We hope that you will continue to provide donations for future events when they arise, and in doing so, will inspire others to help provide for our community as well. In this way, together, we can continue living our traditions and making paths for our younger generations to learn what it means to provide and be a part of our Mi’gmaq community.


Thank you!

Jill Martin, OCC Coordinator
(418)-788-2136 ext. 2026