Mi’gmaw Language

Mission Statement:

“To develop and promote a holistic approach to the resurgence of the Mi’gmaw language and culture for the well-being of our people”

The Mi’gmaw Language Revitalization Program:

The Mi’gmaw Language Revitalization Program was created out of the need for Mi’gmaw language reclamation and revitalization in Listuguj. In the past, the community of Listuguj relied on the Listuguj Education Directorate to be responsible for Mi’gmaw language education, reclamation and revitalization, when it is all of OUR responsibility. The main objective of the program is to restore the valuation of the Mi’gmaw language, create a space for language resurgence, and revitalization the Mi’gmaw language holistically.


Contact information:



Mi’gmaw Language Revitalization Coordinator



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