Class Action Lawsuit: Residential Schools


To Any Aboriginal Band in Canada who had Band members attend an Indian Residential School and has or had an Indian Residential School on or proximate to Band lands or property

A Class Action Lawsuit May Affect Your Rights.

A court authorized this notice. You are not being sued.

  • You could be affected by a class action lawsuit involving the Kamloops and Sechelt Indian Residential Schools and additional Indian Residential Schools (the “Schools”) (see attached Appendix ‘A’ for the list of eligible schools).
  • A Court has approved the lawsuit as a class action that may include anyone who attended at any Indian Residential School, for any times they attended as a “Day Scholar” (i.e. non-resident student) as well as their children and the bands within communities that contained a Residential School. The Plaintiffs in the class action are suing the Government of Canada (“Canada”) claiming that it is responsible for damages arising from attendance at the Schools. Attached to this Notice is a copy of the June 18, 2015 Court Order of Justice Harrington. This Order, and all other decisions related to this lawsuit can also be found on the Federal Court website at:

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You have to decide whether to opt into the Class before a possible trial, and you have to decide this by February 29, 2016.

If you fit this description please contact Mike Isaac, Communications Officer at 418-788-2136 or

LMG Signs Trust Agreement; contains important details for eligible Listuguj members under 18 years of age

January 18, 2016 (Montreal, Quebec) – Chief Scott Martin and a representative from the Royal Trust Company signed a Trust Agreement today that provides the details and process for handling the remaining funds provided to LMG as part of the Settlement Agreement.

“Listuguj members gave Chief and Council direction to set up this Trust. The Trust will ensure that we have the funds so that all members eligible for a PCD will be paid and it also sets out some important rules regarding the Trust,” said Chief Scott Martin.

As ratified by community members, $60 million from the Settlement Agreement is currently being distributed to all Listuguj members who were alive and a member as of April 29, 2015. This Trust Agreement provides details regarding the remaining money that is owed to Listuguj members who have not yet applied for their PCD as well as for those qualifying members who are not yet 18 years of age.

This money is placed in what is called the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Claims Settlement Minors Trust, which is arms-length from Chief and Council and administered by an independent Trustee (the Royal Trust Company). There are two accounts in the Trust; one for adults and one for minors.

There are some rules regarding how minors will be paid once they turn 18, among others:

  • The PCD is $14,951.41 but there will also be an amount to cover inflation and a 2% return adjustment compounded annually until the member turns 18 and applies for the PCD
  • PCD payments will be made on a quarterly basis; January 31st, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th of each year

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government will release the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Settlement Minors Trust Agreement after it is registered at the Registry Office in the days to follow.


For more information on the Trust, please contact:

Chief Scott Martin or 418-788-2136

Listuguj Management Action Plan (MAP) Progress

AANDC has done a quarterly report on the LMG and it’s implementation of it’s Management Action Plan (MAP) and the results are positive.

The LMG had decreased it’s working capital deficit by a significant amount.

The document from AANDC can be found here:

Click here to view the Management Action Plan Quarterly Report

Even though AANDC will no longer be checking on our finances, the LMG will continue to maintain the best practices possible to ensure that we keep moving forward in a positive direction.






SSHS Parent Teacher Meetings Held in Listuguj

Attention all Listuguj Parents of SSHS students. Would you like to meet with your son(s)/daughter(s) teachers from Sugarloaf Senior High School? This Friday you will have the opportunity to meet with them here in Listuguj.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Friday November 20, 2015 1 p.m. to 2p.m. at the Listuguj Education Complex – 1 Riverside West, Listuguj Quebec

Drop in

For more information you can contact Bobbi Madahbee @ 418-788-2248 or SSHS 789-2125


Parent Teaceher 2015 SSHS[1]-page-0

Tenders for Snow Removal Contract

Required for:

The Listuguj Education Complex

“Listuguj Businesses/Individuals Preferred”

The Listuguj Education, Training and Employment Directorate is seeking tenders for a “Snow Removal Contract” to commence November 2015 – April 2016 (variable) for the Listuguj Education Complex premises located at 1 Riverside West, Listuguj, Quebec.

Brief Description of Contractor Duties:

  1. Removal of snow and ice to be completed weekdays prior to 7:45 a.m. from all entrances and exits.
  2. Snow removal will be done after any storm, whenever a blockage exists, or accumulations exceed six (6) inches.
  3. Spread salt to slippery areas to ensure the safety of pedestrians at all times.
  4. Removal of snow and ice from the roof of the Education Complex when needed.
  5. Contractor must provide own equipment and fuel. (Salt supplied) Contractor will be held responsible for replacing and or repairing damage done to property while fulfilling these duties.

All interested contractors are encouraged to inspect the grounds prior to submitting their bid. All written bids with required documentation are to be submitted to the Listuguj Education, Training and Employment Directorate in a sealed envelope that clearly marked as: “TENDER FOR SNOW REMOVAL CONTRACT– LISTUGUJ EDUCATION COMPLEX PREMISIS” to be time and date stamped at the front desk.

Bids must be submitted by: 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 30, 2015




For further information or enquiries, please contact: Pierre Vicaire – Education Service Manager

Telephone: 418-788-2248 Email:

Additional Contribution for Subsidized Educational Childcare

There have been changes in subsidized childcare rates that came into force on April 22, 2015.

Below you will find a document that explains what the changes are and what they mean.


Should you require any additional information please contact 



Click here to view the Additional Contribution for Subsidized Educational Childcare document.

Request for Proposals RFP: For the Provision of Education Management Services in Relation to the Bachelor of Art in Community Studies

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) from the Listuguj Education Directorate is to solicit proposals from individuals for the provision of EDUCATION management services in relation to the Bachelor of Arts IN Community Studies (BACS) program.

Your completed proposal is to be sent to Lorna Sook, Director, Listuguj Education, Training and Employment Directorate, Listuguj, Quebec via email only at: Subject line should reference the RFP number. Proposals must be received no later than 12:00 P.M. Atlantic Daylight Savings Time on MONDAY, September 28, 2015. 


Click here to view the Official Request for Proposal_LED001

Public Meeting: Lobster Fall Fishery

Public Meeting: Lobster Fall Fishery 

A meeting of the members of Listuguj is planned to discuss the upcoming lobster fall food fishery and it will take place at the:



AUGUST 24, 2015 AT 2 P.M.  

Items to be discussed include:

Food fishery vs. Commercial 

Start and end date of the fishery 


lobster distribution to the community






Memo on Pharmaceutical Goods and Services Under Law 41

The following documents are updates on the new Pharmaceutical goods and services under Law 41. The specifics can be found in the documents provided. 


Memo on Pharmaceutical goods and services under Law 41

Information Update


For more information please call the Quebec Region call center at 1-877-483-1575

End of Season Salmon Meeting



 This is a notice to all Listuguj Salmon Harvesters, we will be hosting an End-of-Season Salmon Meeting.


The meeting will take place at the Natural Resource Building at 44 Dundee Road, on August 13 at 10:00 am.


If you are a Listuguj Salmon Harvester and interested in providing valuable feedback, please contact the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy Coordinator, Kirt Dedam at 418-788-3022 or