Jessica Leann Day


My name is Jessica Leann Day, I write and sing.I have been doing this for just over 20 years,since I was 13 years old. I have been writing poetry as well as writing and singing my own song lyrics. Every piece I’ve written was inspired by someone or something in my life, music has gotten me through a lot of difficult times. I am very passionate about it.
I do not play any instruments, as such my songs are all sung A Capella except for the covers. I have never been published but I continue to write and sing for the pure joy of it. I have a page on Facebook designated for my lyrics  as well as a Youtube page for my videos. I sing my own material as well as do covers of other songs.


Night Secrets:

The moon shines bright in the early autumn night
in the sky above two lonely souls
each with a heavy heart, arms with nobody to hold
though neither is sleeping alone
Many miles stand between these two lonely beings
though often in dreams they unite
and when they do meet neither will speak
of the passion they felt in the night
Each is ashamed of the thoughts in their mind
and the feelings they hide in their heart
they fear that the other would run if they ever
revealed the thoughts that they have while apart
One with her family, children to love
a career, friends and a home
but after 6 years without being touched
she’s dying for someone to hold
A cold ring of gold on the hand of the other
gives hope that tonight she’ll be held
she needs to feel loved but like each night before
it’s goodnight, her passions left to herself
Each lays in the dark and thinks of the other
taking comfort in imagined romance
and though neither knows it tonight they’ve both chosen
to take desire in to their own hands
Though they may feel fulfilled by their self induced thrills
once over, they find themselves lost
they quietly question if this love is for real
or the product of sadness and lust
It may be that their feelings will never be shown
a truth that often puts them through hell
could these two souls ever really unite?
Only ever passing time will tell
For now dawn is breaking , two souls are awaking
another long day for each one to face
though neither will say it each one is waiting
to lay eyes on their night secret’s face





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