Introducing Paul Stanley Executive Director

Paul Stanley is First Nation from New Zealand, a Military Veteran, and has worked with First Nation organisations in Alaska, Australia, Pacific Islands, California and his native country New Zealand. Paul is married with 4 children. His wife Laverna, is a Mi’gmaq woman from Miawpukek First Nation in Newfoundland. Paul, Laverna and their daughter Teresa are currently residing here in Campbellton.

Paul has a Bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Auckland and has lectured internationally on his work in native communities.  He has significant executive management experience working in native organisations. Having led several large organisations similar to the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government he has been utilized primarily as business re-organiser. He has over 20 years governance experience leading multimillion dollar companies many of which were appointments made by the New Zealand Government.  Paul was recruited for the position of Executive Director while living and working in Beijing, China. He is grateful to join an organisation that is striving to continually professionalize its business practice without losing sight of the needs of the people in the community.

His goals are to stabilize the business of Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government and increase their effectiveness in the current environment. The most impressive issue experienced so far is the stunning youth talent among staff.


“My goal is to support the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government, the professional organization the community expects and deserves” – Paul Stanley


Funding Approval for Dundee Road

Funding Approval for Dundee Road


On June 16, 2014 the LMG received confirmation from AANDC for funding to repair Dundee Road in Listuguj.

The project is expected to begin in late August or early September which will bring employment to Listuguj community members.

It is the priority of the LMG to maximize the amount of employment available for Community members along with maximizing the use of the local economy.


Click here to view the document sent from AANDC


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mike Isaac, Communications Officer at 418-788-2136 or

Student Allowance Distribution Schedule

Please be advised there have been recent changes made to the distribution schedule for the STUDENT ALLOWANCES for students attending grades 7 to 12. The new distribution schedule will come in to effect for the 2014-2015 academic school year. 

New Distribution Schedule


September, October, November, December, January………… Distributed in January

February, March, April, May, June  ……………………………Distributed in June


If you have any questions, or would like further clarification on the new changes, please feel free to contact me.


Tammy Isaac
Attendance Intervener
418.788.2248 (Education Complex)
418.788.3100 (AGS) (E-mail)

Inauguration 2014

Community Announcement of Inauguration


Chief and Council would like to extend an invitation to community members for the 2014 inauguration ceremony. 

The parade will begin at 1 p.m. on June 20, 2014 at the bridge approach and will proceed to the Listuguj Community Development Center (Bingo Hall) where the swearing in will be conducted followed by a meal.


If you have any questions contact Mike Isaac, Communications Officer at 418-788-2136

Election Results 2014

The election results 2014 are as follows:


Chief Scott Martin

Chief Councillor Chris Wysote

Councillor Derek Barnaby

Councillor Sheila Swasson

Councillor Brian Caplin Jr

Councillor Serge Gray

Councillor Wanda (Beddase) Metallic

Councillor Gordon Isaac Jr

Councillor Annette Barnaby

Councillor Kevin Methot

Councillor Patricia Martin

Councillor Wendell Metallic

Councillor Donna Marie Metallic 


Click here for the Election Results 2014

Annual Walk to Commemorate the Anniversary of Migwite’tm

Attention Community Notice


Chief and Council would like to extend an invitation to the community of Listuguj to participate in a walk to commemorate the anniversary of Migwite’tm or “The Incident at Restigouche”. The LMG will be hosting a walk on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 to remember the raid of 1981 which was an historical and defining moment for the community of Listuguj, and all of the Mi’gmaq Nation. 

The walk will begin at the Listuguj wharf at 10:00 A.M. and will proceed to the Listuguj Community Development Center (Bingo Hall) where a lunch will be served.

For Elders who wish to attend and require transportation please contact Veronica Vicaire at 418-788-2136 for more information.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Veronica Vicaire at 418-788-2136 or

Three Nolans Hockey Camp

The Three Nolans Hockey Camp will be held in Fredericton, New Brunswick from July 7th until July 11th. Please see the link below for more information.


Click here for more information on the Three Nolans Hockey Camp


This is an incredible opportunity for the young hockey players of Listuguj.

Letter From Matchim Bernard Law Group

The LMG received Documentation from Matchim Bernard Law Group in reference to  the implications made, in regards to confidential credit card statements that were released to the public without proper authority.


Click here to view the letter from Matchim Bernard Law Group

Improved Driving Conditions on Dundee Road

There will be patching and padding to improve the conditions of Dundee road which will commence this spring. This is a temporary solution due to the ongoing review of the project from AANDC which has delayed funding for the project.


A favorable decision is expected from AANDC although it will take some more time to receive an official decision and an official go ahead for the project to fully pave Dundee Road.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Director of Capital and Infrastructure, Jody Mitchell at 418-788-3022