Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week 2015 was a Great Success

Once again Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week 2015 was a great success.  The staff enjoyed a variety of gifts/treats throughout the week.  We ended the week with a draw from the donations received by local businesses.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed one way or another.   A special thank you goes to the following business:  Woodpile Handicrafts; Listuguj Health Directorate; Pop Shoes; Pizza Delight; Chez Wes and Picaboo Graphik. 


Wela’lieg ms’t wen!!




Congratulations Ms. Connie Martin

On behalf of the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government & the Finance Department, we would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Ms. Connie Martin for obtaining her Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) designation. Connie successfully completed the CAFM program in 2014 & officially graduates February 19, 2015. We know a great deal of hard work, perseverance, along with sacrifices, were put into reaching this goal that she has set out for herself & we would like her to know we are all extremely proud of her & her accomplishment.

For the past 22 years Connie has provided LMG & the community with exceptional service in the Finance Department. She has consistently demonstrated professionalism, leadership & integrity within her line of work which is directly attributable to her success. We know she will continue to use her knowledge & skill set to contribute to the financial growth & successful management of our community.

Congratulations Connie!

 Click here to see the official document from the Director of Finance




Launch of the Online FNEC Job Bank

Wendake, February 11, 2015 – The First Nations Education Council (FNEC) is proud to be launching its online job bank. Job offers in First Nations organizations can now be posted free of charge through this FNEC initiative which will facilitate those seeking to work with First Nations in finding quality employment that meets their needs.
The user-friendly FNEC job bank is divided into three sections:

  1. Jobs offered at the FNEC.
  2. Jobs offered at Kiuna Institution.
  3. Jobs offered by other First Nations organizations.

To consult or post a job offer within a First Nations organization, visit our job bank at:
www.cepn-fnec.com/guichetemploi. Visit the website often as the job bank will be regularly updated.


The First Nations Education Council has been working for close to thirty years to fulfill the right of First Nations to exercise complete jurisdiction over their education through the implementation of an education system with adequate resources that has been designed and managed according to First Nations values and cultures.
Kiuna Institution
Kiuna Institution is a bilingual college that aims to play a key role in student development while contributing to preserving and promoting First Nations cultures and values.

Information: Claudia Therrien
Human Resources Technician



Information on Per Capita Distribution of Settlement Agreement Funds


Information on Per Capita Distribution of
Settlement Agreement Funds

January 29, 2015 (Listuguj, Gespe’gewa’gi) –The Settlement Agreement has been ratified and the members clearly preferred Option A on the second ballot, which stated that the Settlement Funds are to be: “distributed to the members as of the Effective Date of the Settlement Agreement, with the shares of those under 18 years of age to be held in a simple trust and paid out as each of them reaches 18.”

Accordingly, the following is important information for Listuguj community members regarding the per capita distribution of the funds. Please share this document with all members.

  • Every Listuguj member alive as of the “effective date” of the Settlement Agreement, is eligible to receive a per capita amount.
  • The “effective date” is the date that Canada signs the agreement. The earliest date it will sign is April 1, 2015.
  • In order to include children born on or leading up to the “effective date”, and to allow parents to register their children as members, and as well to accommodate others whose registration has not been completed, LMG will provide a short grace period after the “effective date.” The end of this grace period will be called the cut-off date. The exact date has not yet been decided, but this cut-off date will be approximately several months past the “effective date.” However, please note, that only those born on or before the “effective date” and still alive at that date are eligible for these Settlement Funds.
  • While there will be $60 million available to distribute to members, the amount to be paid to each Listuguj member will depend on a final tally of members on the “effective date”. LMG must wait until after the cut-off date to calculate this total number.
  • The Settlement Funds will be paid by Canada to Listuguj after the “effective date”, within 30 days of the necessary appropriation vote by Parliament. This could be as late as August, 2015.
  • Payment will be made by Canada to a restricted Listuguj bank account fully verifiable by community members.
  • Per capita distribution can only begin after the funds are transferred by Canada.

For more information on the per capita distribution, please contact:

Jeff Basque, Settlement Agreement Coordinator at jeffbasque@listuguj.ca or (418)-788-2136
Chief Scott Martin chiefscott.martin@listuguj.ca at (418) 788-2136




Haven House Launches it's New Website

The Listuguj Haven House has just recently launched a new website. This will allow for individuals to have access to information, programs and general information concerning the Haven House.

This new launch is to help bring awareness and inform the community that there are programs and support services available to you in your time of need. Please feel free to visit the website, like them on Facebook or give them a call for more information.



You can also follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Listuguj-Haven-House/367646120078591




Live to Inspire – 2015 Role Model Campaign

Program Overview:

The Listuguj Role Model Campaign is designed to highlight Listuguj First Nation youth between the ages of 13 and 30 who serve as role models in our community and are in pursuit of academic achievement.  


Applications and 2 reference letters must be received by the posted deadline – FEBRUARY 13, 2015.  All other applications will not be processed unless an extension date is approved and announced by the selection committee.  A LFNEC member cannot be nominated nor can they nominate an individual as a role model. As well, a parent cannot nominate their child.  

Role Model Criteria:

  • Registered member of Listuguj
  • Attending an academic institution
  • Between the ages of 13-30
  • Drug free
  • Reside in Listuguj at the time of nomination, with the exception of a candidate attending a Post Secondary Institution elsewhere
  • Be able to take part in an interview
  • Be able to provide public speaking appearances throughout the year
  • A graduate of one of the schools within the Reinvestment Agreement (AGS, CMS, LBS and/or SSHS)

If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact Tammy Isaac @ 418.788.3100/506.987.0597 or by e-mail tammyl.isaac@gmail.com

Click here to download the Live to Inspire-2015 APPLICATION FORM


 What is G.E.M.S or Girls Empowerment Mentorship Strengths?

G.E.M.S is an all girl group dedicated and designed to give opportunity to our young ladies in the community. G.E.M.S is a safe place where we try to have fun while helping the girls develop and find their strengths. We introduce the world to the girls in a youth context as well as offer traditional teachings. At G.E.M.S we are open minded to the need of the girls.

Why Join?

Becoming a young adult can be difficult at times. Pre-teens and teens are a time in life when females encounter many changes. G.E.M.S offers guidance, role modeling and support to the ladies. Our goal is to empower their young minds.

When joining G.E.M.S  you can expect to participate with any Listuguj young lady primarily between the ages of 10-14; young ladies seeking guidance and support.

The girls can expect to:

  • Having fun while learning
  • Support within the group
  • Guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Developing friendships
  • Discovering yourself
  • A safe place to be able to talk about anything
  • No judgments
  • Confidential
  • Girl issue discussions
  • Several different topics
  • Open minded
  • Develop trust within oneself and others
  • Acceptance

G.E.M.S is usually held at the Families First Support Services office above the woodpile (32 Gaspé Highway). We follow the scholastic calendar so if school is cancelled we cancel as well. G.E.M.S is held once a week after school and the girls are transported here straight from school with the school buses. Other arrangements can be made.

At times the girls will be invited to participate in out of scheduled activities such as sleepovers, fundraisers, trips, outdoor activities etc. Parents will at all times be informed.

For more information please contact Families First Support Services at 418-788-2010

“We look forward to working and having fun with you young ladies” – Families First Support Services

Shopping Trip to Maine

The LMG is looking for 20 community members to participate in a trip to Presque Isle, Maine on January 31, 2015. The bus will be leaving at 9 a.m. from the Education complex.

The cost of the bus will be a small charge of five dollars ($5) per person. Jennifer Wysote will be taking names. 

This will be a day trip which will return to the community in the evening. Meals will be at your own expense for this trip. 

In order to participate individuals must be/have: 

  • Have a valid band card or passport;
  • Aware that items will be checked at the border;
  • Duty fees will apply to some items that are purchased;
  • Some restrictions will apply to items crossing the border.


Information will be provided to each individual as to what they are allowed to bring across.

 No Children will be allowed on the bus due to limited space.


Click here to view some differences in prices; Canada Vs. USA


 For more information you can contact Jennifer Wysote at 418-788-2136 or 506 987-3055, Text messages will also be accepted simply provide her with your name and any additional information she may need. Your five dollar ($5) fee can be made at any time to secure your or when boarding the bus.




Holiday Garbage Pickup

Please be advised that the schedule for Residential Garbage pickup for the holidays will be as follows:


Tuesday.  December 23, 2014


 Tuesday, December 30, 2014



If you have any questions please contact the Beaver Lodge at 418-788-3047


Official Ratification Results From Vote 12-13-2014

Here is the official document of results for the ratification vote that took place on December 13, 2014.


Click here for the Official Ratification Results 2014



Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the Michel Porier at 418-392-9010