Winter Weather Surveillance Protocol

ObjectiveThe purpose of this protocol is to provide criteria and a tool to the Directors of Education, Capital and Infrastructure and Public Security to allow them to make the proper decision about closures to the Listuguj educational facilities and/or Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government offices due to severe winter weather in the best interest of public safety.

Authorized person:  Is the person(s) who receive(s) the data/recommendation from several departments, conducts a risk assessment based on the developed tool, makes the decision, and communicates it to the Chief, Senior Director of Operations, radio stations and other means of broadcast.



  1. Data Collection
    • Capital and Infrastructure will report the current and predicated road conditions based on the forecasted weather and the allowable workforce equipment to the authorized person, no later than 05h30.
    • Public Security will provide surveillance and up-to-date interior and exterior road conditions of the immediate territory, i.e.; (Inter-Provincial Boulevard, Route 132 East & West of Listuguj) at 05h30.
    • Weather Information: The authorized person will review the following criteria for the forecasted weather from official weather channels or websites:
      • Forecasted temperature
      • Forecasted snow falls
      • Forecasted low temperature precipitation (freezing rain)
      • Forecasted wind speeds
      • Visibility conditions
      • Any other warnings
  2. Data Processing

The collected data as per the previous section will be processed based on the weights and their relation. Based on the data processing, a risk assessment level will be then calculated as either HIGH, MEDIUM or MILD.

Based on the risk level, the authorized person will inform the Chief, Senior Director of Operations and the proper communication channels to close the educational facilities and/or LMG government offices if the risk is HIGH.