Updated Listuguj Travel Guidelines

The governments of New Brunswick and Quebec will be loosening their COVID-19 measures over the next few months if their situations continue to improve gradually. As these measures may impact Listuguj residents, please consult the following documents:

New Brunswick’s Path to Green

Quebec ‘Loosening’ of Measures by Level


As for Listuguj, our position is as follows:

Travel (essential or not) to and from other Regions within the Province of Quebec does not require any type of self-isolation upon return to the community. This applies to overnight travel within Quebec – as an example, travel for day surgery or a medical appointment. However, non-essential travel from ‘yellow’ into other colored regions is not recommended.

Individuals/community members travelling home to Listuguj would also be exempt from self-isolation according to the Provincial guidelines.

However, individuals travelling into Listuguj from other Provincial hotspots outside the Atlantic Bubble and Quebec (i.e. Ontario/Manitoba) must self-isolate upon entering our community.

All ‘international travel’ restrictions still apply. Self-isolation, testing, follow up by Public Health and Border Services.