Two New Housing Applicants Accepted for Rapid Housing Initiative

The Capital and Infrastructure Department is very proud to announce on behalf of the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government that two applicants for the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) were successfully selected by the RHI Committee and will be able to move in their newly constructed housing units in the next few weeks.

The units are the first two (2) of a total of sixteen (16) rental units that will be assigned to applicants who fit the program’s criteria as defined by CMHC and the Listuguj Housing Policy.

This program is sponsored by CMHC and was made possible thanks to the hard work of many. We would like to acknowledge the efficient work of everyone involved in the process that has allowed two units to be completed and awarded to the successful community members in record time. We also want to give a special thanks to every worker working in the heat and rain to complete all sixteen units on time.

Please note that a second call-out will soon be announced. People who have yet to complete their application will be invited to do so. Applicants who are missing documents needed for applying will be given assistance. Community members who did not fill out a form will also have a chance to so. Everyone with a completed application and who fits all criteria will be given equal consideration by the RHI committee in future selections for the RHI rental units. Forms are available online and at the Natural Resources building.

On behalf of Capital & Infrastructure they would like to Thank you and to please be on the lookout for our second call-out which will be announced on the LMG website and Facebook page.