The LMG Will Administer RL-31 Slips

The band will administer RL-31 slips.

There has been a large response to the RL-31 slip for Solidarity Tax purposes. The LMG will be issuing these documents to eligible community members who meet the following criteria. 

The LMG will start to issue these slips to community members who:

  • Own their own home (fully paid from the band)
  • Rent their home;
  • Lease to Own
  • Section 95; and
  • Apartment complexes

To get your RL-31 slip we will require you to:

  • Come in fill out the required forms;
  • Bring in proof of address;
  • IF you are a homeowner with a tenant we will provide you with a RL-31 for yourself and your tenant; and
  • Only people who live in the community.

If you have already filed your taxes for this year you can still redeem the additional Solidarity Tax Credit by contacting Revenue Quebec to inform them that there are additional forms to be sent in.

Please allow two to three weeks to receive your paperwork depending on the amount of intake that the LMG receives.


For more information please contact Shane Mitchell at 418-788-2136 or