The Listuguj Education, Training and Employment’s Mi’gmaq Immersion Program is Seeking Silent Speakers

Do you think you are a Silent Speaker? Do you want to build confidence to speak and use your language?

We want to organize a language program especially for you!


Who is a silent speaker?

A silent speaker is someone who understands a language well but does not speak it. There are many different kinds of silent speakers.



  • Residential school survivors who spoke their language before attending
  • People who grew up hearing a language and understand it but do not speak
  • People who grew up with a fluent speaker in the home and understand the language but do not speak
  • People who have studied extensively and have developed a high level of ability in reading and writing their language but do not speak
  • Speakers who moved away from the community for some time and do not feel comfortable speaking now that they have moved
  • Speakers who speak a different dialect of the same language and do not feel comfortable speaking within a community where another dialect is more
  • Speakers who simply haven’t spoken for years because they haven’t really had anyone to speak


Who is NOT a Silent Speakers?

  • A new language
  • Language learners with beginner or intermediate language proficiency.
  • Someone who lost their abilities due to stroke or other health
  • A speaker who can speak comfortably in most


Kindly return completed surveys to the Listuguj Education Complex, (418) 788-2248 or email to


Download and fill out Silent Speakers Survey here.

Paper copies are also available in the reception area of the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government Administration building.