The Listuguj Crisis & Life Promotion program

The Listuguj Crisis & Life Promotion program

The Listuguj Crisis & Life Promotion program, which works within the Listuguj Community Health Services, has applied, on behalf of Listuguj to be a Pilot site for the “Quebec’s Suicide Prevention Best Practices Guide”

The project is being offered by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission and only 4 communities in Quebec have been chosen, Listuguj being one of them.

In general, this project aims to implement structured actions in suicide prevention in Aboriginal communities by building on the best practices and adapted to the needs of First Nations.


This initiative:

  • Aims to highlight the strengths, resources and expertise of the community.
  • Build on best practices from research AND the field experience of interveners and community managers.
  • Allows communities to start thinking about suicide and position themselves in relation to best practices to implement at home to make a difference in the lives of suicidal individuals.
  • Mobilize interveners and community managers at each stage. For example, their expertise is sought to:
    • establish a picture of the situation and needs
    • validate certain intervention tools
    • prioritize the most promising strategies to implement best practices in the community
    • Provides a comprehensive guide to suicide prevention while remaining flexible and adapting to reality and priorities of each community.
    • Allows all partners involved in the prevention of suicide among First Nations to use a common language.
    • Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders involved in suicide prevention by clarifying roles.

Here is an overview of the steps of the initiative

Aim and objectives of the project:

The aim of this project is to help reduce the number of suicides in Aboriginal communities without conventions in

Quebec by implementing structured actions in suicide prevention: 

  1. Analyze specific issues in targeted communities.
  2. Adapt and translate the guide entitled “Quebec’s suicide prevention best practices guide – enhancement services for managers in CSSS”.
  3. Adapt the training for interveners
  4. Carry out a pilot project in the four (4) communities.

Partners involved

  2. Centre de santé et de services sociaux – Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke (CSSS-IUGS).

The project managers are supported in their thinking by a strategic committee constituted of the:

1)      Quebec Association for Suicide Prevention

2)      Suicide Action Montreal

3)      two First Nations communities in Quebec

4)      Health Canada

5)       MSSS.