Specific Claims Update – July 3, 2012

Release No. 4

On June 13, 2012, the LMG Negotiating team reached an agreement in principle with Canada to settle the law suit relating to Listuguj Specific Claims, commonly known to the community as Busteed and Mann-Fraser. This is the monetary portion of these claims. The Busteed lands previously purchased by Canada are already in the final stages of being designated Reserve Lands and are dealt with in a separate process that does not require ratification by our citizens.

On Monday June 18, 2012, the LMG Negotiating Team presented the agreement in principle with Canada to Chief and Council:

$ 60 Million Settlement for Loss of use, Current Unimproved Land Value, and Miscellaneous items

$ 1.5 Million to recover the expenses incurred by the LMG

$ 1.0 Million to offset additional land and development costs

$ 2.0 Million for the cost to cure, a reconciliation item for harm done to the community,

Canada’s Offer- $ 64.5 million

In addition there is the;

$ 1.0 million as the valuation of Busteed land being returned to the Community

Only the Community Members through a Ratification process can decide on accepting this settlement. The settlement agreement will be detailed in the Ratification documents. Past expenses related to the negotiations are covered in the $ 1.5 million expense recovery item.

We will continue to update the community as the file progresses.

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