#ShopListuguj Contest

In December 2020 we launched the #ShopListuguj campaign and were blown away from the support that community members had for Listugujewaq business. We would like to continue the momentum and offer another $100 prize for using the hashtag #ShopListuguj.

The #ShopListuguj Campaign is the perfect time to explore how our beautiful community contributes to the local economy.  Many of our local businesses offer products from unique Indigenous handcrafted items, a bite to eat to decorating ideas, and gift cards. Some also offer gift certificates for their unique services, which you can give to friends and every member of your family.

A majority of our small businesses are locally owned and operated, and supporting our own entrepreneurs in the community is a win-win situation, as it helps our own Mi’gmaq people as well as retaining money in the community.

Look for products made locally, as well as those that are being sold by local Mi’gmaq because we will be drawing a $100 gift certificate for anyone who uses the #ShopListuguj hashtag on either Facebook or Instagram. **Please make sure your posts are public.**  Since we want to maintain a healthy positive community, excluded purchases such as alcohol, tobacco and cannabis items will not be accepted.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, August 16th, 2021

Our Vision:

Building a self-sufficient, vibrant and sustainable economy

through the exercise of our rights on our land and resources,

and by supporting our current and future entrepreneurs.