Rare Northern Bottlenose Whales identified in Our River

On Thursday morning September 30th, LMG, through the Director of Public Security. was notified by the LFD Fire Chief that two Northern Bottlenose whales had approached the shore and were in about 3 feet of water. This was about 2 kilometres west of the bridge. At that time, they were stuck in the mud. The LPD responded and were able to dislodge the whales.


The whales then swam to the middle of the river. Unfortunately, it was later discovered, in the early evening, that they became beached further upriver, at the area commonly known as Adam Shore.


Through Natural Resources, DFO became involved to help assist with a mammal in distress. They contacted the Emergency Network of Marine Mammals. As assessment was made with the assistance of the LMG Rangers, however, one of the whales had already passed away. MARS (Marine Animal Rescue Society in Nova Scotia) was immediately contacted and a team of 6 individuals was dispatched. They arrived early Friday morning October 1st. At daybreak, it was seen that the second whale was gone. Throughout the entire morning, a search was conducted. It was concluded that the second whale had returned to deeper ocean waters.

A number of community members and LMG staff participated in the attempted rescue of the whales. Chief Gray expressed his thanks that so many individuals came together to help these stranded whales and for those who performed ceremonies, put down tobacco, and offered prayers to mark the passing of the whale.