Public Security Announcement

*** Winter Storm Warning***

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government would like to remind the community that an impending significant snow storm is forecasted for today into tomorrow. Heavy snowfall amount with high winds will diminish visibility that may lead to road closures for travelers.  It is inadvisable for lengthy road travel at this time.

Weather media outlets have issued Winter Storm Warnings for Friday.

LMG would like to remind community members that during periods of heavy snowfall and high winds to minimize pedestrian traffic as Public Works vehicles will be circulating to keep public roadways opened. Also, please remember to park motor vehicles off the roadway.

Make sure provisions such as food and water are available in the event of a power outage. For families with elders and vulnerable persons, please monitor closely and contact the Listuguj Police Department for any emergencies.

Please bring in your pets as they will be vulnerable to the climate and secure movable articles on your property in anticipation of high winds.

Please do not throw snow onto the public roadways or private property.