One-Year Extension of Existing Tripartite Agreement

The Listuguj, Quebec and Canadian governments have agreed to a one-year extension of the existing agreement on the provision of policing services while keeping with the recommendations from the Viens commission.

The one-year extension will allow for a true tri-partite negotiations table starting as early as April 2018 which will meet our current and future needs for a long-term agreement.

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government was able to secure funding for the Listuguj Police Department’s operations during the extension, cover the costs incurred from own source revenue along with obtaining additional monies.

Despite the increase, Chief Gray made it clear to both Governments that the discriminatory clause in our agreement forcing us to sign under duress can no longer be a future requirement. “We need a system and legislation that establishes our police department as being on par, as it should be, with others that operate in our traditional territory.  The increased funding and commitment to negotiations for the long term lets us move forward without interruption and we can focus on continuing to build our police force.”