Notice to Community Members who are Homeowners

It has been brought to LMG’s attention that homeowners have received notices from Revenu Quebec stating that they owe money and claiming they are not homeowners. This is an error in their systems automatically recognizing our dwelling numbers as a municipality tax number and Identifying homeowners as tenants. Rest assured, I spoke with them, and the issue is being addressed. Please note that this is not LMG’s responsibility and if you have received a notice you need to contact Revenu Quebec and have them manually fix the error. Below is listed the contact numbers. Please make sure you have your notice of assessment and identification on hand

Québec City: 418 266-1016

Montréal: 514 940-1481

Elsewhere in Canada or the United States: 1 855 291-6467 (toll-free)

Hours of availability for telephone service are Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


To confirm your identity and guarantee the confidentiality of your information, you’ll need two recent documents, such as:

-a notice of assessment

-a notice of determination

-an account statement

-another document Revenu Quebec sent you

If you can’t provide the required information, Revenu Quebec will not be able to provide you with information about your file or make changes to it.