Notice to community members from the Natural Resources Directorate (Heavy traffic on Gospem road)

Notice to community members from the Natural Resources Directorate Friday, December 17, 2021:


Subject: Heavy traffic on Gospem road

Please be informed that many hauling trucks are using Gospem road to deliver woods to GDS sawmill. This road will be maintained over the course of the winter. The LMG still has over 600 loads of woods to be delivered. To reduce the cost of maintenance, we allowed GDS to use it as well for their transportation of woods. In exchange, GDS will also assist the LMG to transport our wood to their sawmill.

We have been notified by truck drivers that many “near miss” happened recently between motorize vehicles (4-wheelers, snowmobiles, pick-up) and them. We will ask the truck drivers to reduce their speed between the highway to the bridge at the Sipug. Signs and one individual will be located close of the entrance of GDS sawmill to remind the users of the presence of hauling truck.

About 15 hauling trucks will be used and they will do in average 3 loads per day. That adds up to 90 trips considering they go up and down. In a 12 hours shift, which represents 1 truck every 8 minutes passing on this road. We expected to end the transportation on this road by mid-February 2022.

We strongly recommend the use of a CB (channel 10) especially pass the km 11. If you use this road for recreation purpose, please drive safely.

Safety first!


Martin Cummings, For. Eng.

Natural Resources Forestry Manager