New Server and RPM Project

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government is in the process of completing a major Information Technology investment into our IT infrastructure.

In winter 2013, a funding proposal was made to AANDC to support our efforts to make real and necessary improvements to our computer systems. Together with the Health Directorate, an additional $80,000 from Health Canada, the project is now in the implementation phase.

The main server is located at the Listuguj Education Complex with a backup located at Listuguj Community Health Services. This will allow for more efficient file sharing between users, improved security for all LMG buildings and it will provide daily back-ups of all information so that in the case of an office computer becoming compromised (Software or hardware failure) all data can be recovered quickly.

This project will allow for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) project to come to fruition.  The RPM project will give Listuguj Community Health Services the ability to provide services within the home such as monitor the status of patients throughout the day, along with educating patients on what may cause irregularities in their status and provide treatment for community members with Diabetes.

For more information on the RPM project you can contact the Listuguj Community Health Center at 418-788-2155


For more information on the Server project you can contact Bruce Fitzgerald at 418-788-2136