Natural Resource Directorate – Guest Harvesters Require Permission



September 15, 2023.- Indigenous people from communities outside of Gespe’gewa’gi, will require written permission from the LMG – a Letter of Communal Authority – to harvest in on Listuguj territory within Gespe’gewa’gi, even if they are accompanied by a Listuguj community member.

The LMG implemented the Listuguj Tia’m Harvesting Policy for the conservation and protection of Tia’m (moose) resources within Gespe’gewa’gi territory. The Policy guides who can hunt and how hunting will take place on Listuguj territory within Gespe’gewa’gi. The Natural Resource Directorate, in collaboration with Public Security (Mi’gmaq Rangers) will review and process requests for Letters of Communal Authority (i.e., permits) and will manage the implementation of the Listuguj Tia’m Harvesting Policy and its Guidelines. Harvesting dates for Guest Harvesters are from Treaty Day, October 1, 2023, to October 30, 2023.

First Nations protocols acknowledge that Aboriginal rights only apply within one’s traditional territory. In recent years there have been increased reports of unauthorized harvesting and trespassing on Gespe’gewa’gi lands during the Tia’m harvesting season. The LMG’s goal is to ensure that unauthorized access is eliminated and that Indigenous people with permission to harvest on our lands are complying with our new Listuguj Tia’m Harvesting Policy and its Guidelines for Guest Harvesters.

The Listuguj Tia’m Harvesting Policy is established for the conservation and protection of Tia’mresources within Gespe’gewa’gi and is based on the Listuguj Proclamation on Moose Harvesting adopted by the Honouring our Land Mawiomi on March 23, 2019. Listuguj Mi’gmaq do not require permission to harvest and are encouraged to continue with our respectful harvesting traditions and the teaching of Netugulimg, (only take what you need).

The application form for Letters of Communal Authority is available on the LMG website.

For more information contact:
Amber Brisk, Listuguj Natural Resources Directorate
44 Dundee Road, Listuguj, Gespe’gewa’gi (Qc)