Medical Transportation Reminder

The Medical Transportation Program does not provide benefits to clients to pick-up new or repeat prescriptions. This includes insulin, penicillin, heart medication, or cannabis, to just name a few. Please refer to the Medical Transportation Policy Framework clause below:

12.1 Certain types of travel, benefits and services will NOT be provided as benefits under the NIHB Program under any circumstances and are not subject to the NIHB appeal process.These include assistance with:

a) Compassionate travel;
b) Appointments for clients in the care of federal, provincial or territorial institutions (e.g., incarcerated clients);
c) Court-ordered treatment/assessment, or as a condition of parole, coordinated by the justice system;
d) Appointments while travelling outside of Canada, other than as outlined in Section 1 (General Principles);
e) Travel for clients residing in an off-reserve location where the appropriate health services are available locally;
f) Travel for the purposes of a third-party requested medical examination;
g) The return trip home in cases of an illness while away from home other than for approved travel to access medically required health services;
h) Travel only to pick-up new or repeat prescriptions or vision care or medical supply and equipment products where a fitting is not required;