May 30, 2012 (Listuguj, Gespe’gewa’gi) –

On May 29, 2012, Listuguj Chief and Council held an open meeting with concerned citizens who demanded action be taken by Chief and Council and the Listuguj Police Department (LPD) on the “RNC” gang based from a house in the East end of Listuguj.  They also heard first-hand accounts about drugs, weapons, and brutality unleashed by the so-called “RNC”.

Chief Allison Metallic and Council listened intently to emotional, intense, and gut-wrenching accounts from many citizens, including mothers, about how gangsters unleashed in Listuguj untold brutality on their children and recorded it on video for the world to see on YouTube.

Chief and Council were moved to action with the full weight of legal and law enforcement resources as well as their support for a community-based “neighborhood watch” to bring to justice the criminals behind the brutal beatings of at least 5 individuals whose families came forward with details of their beatings.

Speaking for the Council, Chief Metallic stated “We will not support or endorse vigilantism” to manage this crisis.

Immediately following the public meeting a teleconference was held with the prosecutor and then with the Listuguj Police Department for an update on facts of the case and to coordinate between them an action plan to remedy the situation.

On May 29, 2012, an action plan was implemented, including:  1) immediate removal of non-Listuguj RNC gang members from Listuguj, 2) securing custody of alleged criminals in coordination with municipal, provincial, and federal law enforcement agencies, and 3) surveillance of the RNC gang house and increased patrol levels throughout Listuguj.  The action plan will be monitored by the Administration and re-addressed to the newly elected Chief and Council immediately following the election.

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