Listugujewaq….get ready for the Spring Feast coming to you door!

Continuing with the Mi’gmaq Principle of Tan telipti’taqati’gw (Sharing) the Gespe’ge- wa’gi fisheries will be doing its yearly delivery of lobster and snow crab.

Members of the Scientific Team and community helpers will begin door to door delivery at 1:00 pm this Friday May 6th. There will be 1 bag per household.

If you cannot be home, the delivery team is requesting: – to leave a large, covered pot on your porch.
– to tie your dog, if you have one

The Scientific Team will be packing the food, preparing the bags and using 5 trucks to deliver them to around 900 homes in the community.

Thank you for helping us to make the job of these 13 workers and volunteers, safe and smooth.

Denny Isaac Associate Director