LMCP Directorate Spotlight Winner – December 2019 Quarter

Congratulations to the Listuguj Community Health Services Directorate!


In November/December of 2019 the LMCP team visited all of the LMG directorates. Part of our job as the LMCP team is to maintain relationships with LMG Directors and project managers. We gathered updates and went over top priorities presented by each department. ALL of the LMG programs and departments are doing amazing work and are working towards our community vision statement :


Living our rights and responsibilities as Listugujewaq by speaking, thinking and being Mi’gmaq


Ta’n teltetapu’mimajulti’gw gennmu’g, ango’tmu’g aq nujo’tmu’g ‘ms’t gm’tginaq ta’n Teli’sulti’gw, telangita’sulti’gw aq telinnulti’gw


In addition to our monthly spotlight in highlighting individual community members, the LMCP team decided it would be beneficial to also highlight directorates and programs for working towards our vision statement and keeping our 4 main action areas in mind when developing their strategic plans. After sitting down with all of LMG directors I typed up a brief summary of why each should be chosen. Chosen by a committee vote, I am pleased to announce that the Listuguj Community Health Services Directorate is our first ever quarterly LMCP Spotlight for the December 2019 quarter.


Congratulations to the entire team, you are making a difference for future generations to come!

Looking forward to our next meetings and being able to highlight the positive work being done here in Listuguj.


LMCP Coordinator

Alexandra Barnaby Willett