Listuguj Police Axon Body Camera Rollout


Beginning August 2022, the Listuguj Police Department will begin rolling out Axon Body Worn Cameras for all frontline members during the course of their daily operations and public interactions.

The use of body worn cameras supports the ongoing efforts of the Listuguj Police Department to create a safe, unbiased, transparent and accountable environment for the residents of Listuguj.

The intended outcomes of the Axon Body Worn Camera initiative include:

  • The enhanced collection of unbiased evidence
  • Enhanced transparency with the public body
  • Enhanced officer accountability and professionalism
  • Protection of both the public and officers
  • To assist in an officers ability to de-escalate certain situations

The Listuguj Police Department is committed to delivering to the community of Listuguj, the highest level of innovative policing which is supported by the technology provided by Axon Body Worn Cameras.

Public information sessions will be held in the near future for anyone interested in learning more about our body worn camera initiative.


(Image of Axon Body Worn Camera)



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Listuguj Police Department