Listuguj Mi’gmaq Chief Dean Vicaire to Attend Meeting with the Prime Minister

 Listuguj Mi’gmaq Chief Dean Vicaire to Attend Meeting with the Prime Minister

 January 10, 2013 (Listuguj, Gespe’gewa’gi) – The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government is pleased to announce that Chief Dean Vicaire has accepted the responsibility to speak on behalf of the Atlantic Policy Congress (APC) of First Nation Chiefs at the working meeting between a delegation of First Nations Leaders and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to be held on Friday January 11, 2013 in Ottawa. Chief Vicaire was unanimously selected to speak by the APC Chiefs in Assembly in Moncton on January 8, 2013.  At the working meeting with the Prime Minister, Chief Vicaire is expected to be alongside Chiefs Candice Paul and Deborah Robinson, and Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy of the Mi’gmaq Grand Council.

 Chief Vicaire emphasized to the Mi’gmaq Chiefs in Assembly at the preparatory meeting that Mi’gmaq Aboriginal and Treaty Rights must be implemented on Mi’gmaq terms. Chief Vicaire stated that the time is now for Mi’gmaq leaders to act and put forth detailed proposals for permanent solutions to political, legal, economic, and social issues.

  At the APC meeting on January 8, 2013 Chief Vicaire stated:

 “The Omnibus Bill C-45, the Indian Act and policies of Indian Affairs, including the mountain of bureaucratic red tape and hoops we are made to jump through for crumbs we get, are unacceptable. Friday’s meeting with Prime Minister Harper will be a step towards dismantling the current governing systems that threaten our way of life,”

 Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo, in his January 7, 2013 communique, stated:

 “Further to my letter to all Chiefs December 29, 2012, it is absolutely clear that our solutions must be grounded in our homes and in our territories, reflective of our rights and sacred responsibilities. We continue to encourage community and community level engagement of all citizens in order to determine priorities and strategies reflective of the unique challenges and circumstances of each Nation. The regional, Treaty and national organizations continue to stand with you and are prepared to support these strategies and approaches as set by each Nation. This is our role and our way – supporting and backing community-driven solutions that come from our rights, responsibilities and our peoples.”

 National Chief Shawn Atleo will lead the delegation of First Nations leaders in their meeting with the Prime Minister.

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