Listuguj Enforces By-Law 16.


Listuguj Enforces By-Law 16.

June 7, 2017 (Listuguj, Quebec) –The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government has enforced By-law 16 which currently states;

“Whereas under S.28 of the Indian Act only a band member can occupy or use a reserve or reside or otherwise exercise rights on a reserve without the authorization of the Minister/ or the Band Council;”

This By-Law is going to be reviewed and adapted to apply to community members along with non-community members to better keep our community free of drugs, violence and any other incriminating conduct that may occur within our community.

“On June 7,2017, we signed an OIC in council to remove an individual residing within our community. We as leadership have the utmost confidence in our officers that due process has and is being done…” said Chief Gray.

“We felt that even with the due process that was followed, we recognize there can be limitations and felt that we as leadership needed to take additional steps to maintain the safety and wellbeing in the best interest of our community.” Said Councillor Lloyd Alcon

“Statistically speaking, Indigenous Women are more likely to be abused than any other race”

“Violence Affects Us All! I want to let you know You Are Not Alone! There are a multitude of professional, qualified resources available and we are proud to have taken another step towards a healthy Listuguj our community members.” Councillor Shelia Swasson

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Mike Isaac Communications Officer, 418-788-2136 or

Click here to view the official community release – By-Law 16