Listuguj Bylaw Enforcement and Public Security Announcement

The Listuguj Public Safety and Bylaw Enforcement recognizes that aggression by dogs against people and other animals is a serious threat to public safety. While we do recognize that we have a lot of responsible pet owners who love their pets, we need to acknowledge the ongoing issues and educate the community.

We would like to remind the public to always keep their dogs tied. If your dog is not tied, spayed, or neutered, it is likely that it will roam and travel in packs. Dogs at large impose a major threat to our public safety that could result in severe attacks against small children, adults, Elders, and other pets nearby. These attacks could be life-threatening.

· If your dog bites another person or pet, you can be criminally charged with Criminal Negligence. Your dog will then be deemed as “vicious”.
· Vicious dogs roaming freely or roaming in packs will no longer be tolerated. Vicious dogs will be dealt with according to our Listuguj Dog Bylaw.

FACT: Un-neutered males are involved in 70-76 % of dog bite incidents. Unspayed females encourage roaming and aggressive behaviour in males, regardless of breed.

For more information, please contact the Listuguj Bylaw Enforcement office at 506-987-4524.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and strive to keep the community of Listuguj safe.