Listuguj Bylaw Enforcement and Public Security Announcement

Listuguj Bylaw Enforcement and Public Security Announcement
The Listuguj Public Safety and Bylaw Enforcement would like to remind the public that in the next few months, dogs who are not neutered and are in a reproductive or heat cycle, may become vicious and roam in packs making it very dangerous to the public. If you own a dog who is not neutered or spayed, please keep your dog tied or in an enclosed area.
As a pet owner, if you fail to do this, your dog could be picked up and taken to the SPCA, or if deemed vicious and bites, or attacks a person, child, or another pet, your dog may be euthanized as stated on the Listuguj Dog Bylaw No. 2003-01. (You can read this bylaw on the LMG website: You can also be criminally charged with Criminal Negligence if your dog bites or attacks a person or pet.
Please have your pets spayed or neutered and tied at all times. We have already received several calls and complaints from the public.
FACT: Un-neutered males are involved in 70-76 % of dog bite incidents. Un-spayed females encourage roaming and aggressive behaviour in males, regardless of breed.
For more information, please contact the Listuguj Bylaw Enforcement office at 506-987-4524.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation.