L.E.T.E Notice to AGS Parents/Guardians and Staff

Notice to AGS Parents/Guardians and Staff

On October 16, 2021 – Quebec Public Health confirmed one COVID-19 case, and provided an exposure notification at AGS, which occurred on the morning of October 13th, 2021. This means that 1 classroom bubble and 5 students during transportation have been exposed. Public Health has contacted all those who have been exposed and provided testing and isolation instructions.

Keeping in line with Public Health protocols and AGS’s additional precautionary and preventative measures:

• All students and staff in the classroom bubble must stay at home for a minimum of 1 day. This may be extended pending the time it takes to get results and what the results are. During this time, AGS will provide home learning for that class.
• The 5 students on the bus will be required to stay at home pending test results. AGS will send work home for these students.
IMPORTANT REMINDER for households impacted by covid cases and/or exposure to covid.

While you may not have been directed to isolate or have completed your isolation period, “limited interaction” is necessary when members of your household are still within their isolation period.

For those staff/students and parents, given that it is not possible to “limit interaction” at a school, you must not report to work/school for the duration of the isolation period(s) within your household regardless of your vaccination status.

Transportation Reminder

Masks are required for grades 1 and up on busses and in common areas. Masks will be available for students on all busses. Students receive new reusable and disposable masks. Bus monitors remind students to sanitize their hands when they enter the bus and wear their masks (Grades 1 and up).

Yellow Phase Reminder

Classroom Bubbles – homeroom classes remain together and are encouraged to practice limited physical distancing.
Remember, parents should not send their child(ren) to school if they show any symptoms or feel ill.
Keep practicing social distancing, washing our hands, and wearing our masks!

Notice to AGS Parents/Guardians and Staff (listuguj.ca)