Information on Per Capita Distribution of Settlement Agreement Funds


Information on Per Capita Distribution of
Settlement Agreement Funds

January 29, 2015 (Listuguj, Gespe’gewa’gi) –The Settlement Agreement has been ratified and the members clearly preferred Option A on the second ballot, which stated that the Settlement Funds are to be: “distributed to the members as of the Effective Date of the Settlement Agreement, with the shares of those under 18 years of age to be held in a simple trust and paid out as each of them reaches 18.”

Accordingly, the following is important information for Listuguj community members regarding the per capita distribution of the funds. Please share this document with all members.

  • Every Listuguj member alive as of the “effective date” of the Settlement Agreement, is eligible to receive a per capita amount.
  • The “effective date” is the date that Canada signs the agreement. The earliest date it will sign is April 1, 2015.
  • In order to include children born on or leading up to the “effective date”, and to allow parents to register their children as members, and as well to accommodate others whose registration has not been completed, LMG will provide a short grace period after the “effective date.” The end of this grace period will be called the cut-off date. The exact date has not yet been decided, but this cut-off date will be approximately several months past the “effective date.” However, please note, that only those born on or before the “effective date” and still alive at that date are eligible for these Settlement Funds.
  • While there will be $60 million available to distribute to members, the amount to be paid to each Listuguj member will depend on a final tally of members on the “effective date”. LMG must wait until after the cut-off date to calculate this total number.
  • The Settlement Funds will be paid by Canada to Listuguj after the “effective date”, within 30 days of the necessary appropriation vote by Parliament. This could be as late as August, 2015.
  • Payment will be made by Canada to a restricted Listuguj bank account fully verifiable by community members.
  • Per capita distribution can only begin after the funds are transferred by Canada.

For more information on the per capita distribution, please contact:

Jeff Basque, Settlement Agreement Coordinator at or (418)-788-2136
Chief Scott Martin at (418) 788-2136