Information Collected At The CCP Workshops Held December 10th-12th

The Cities and Environment Unit team led a community planning workshop and focus group sessions from December 10-12 in Listuguj. On Tuesday, December 11 two sessions were held at the Bingo Hall that was open to the whole community. There were also two focus groups done with elders and high school students at SSHS.

The planning team introduced the Community Plan process and hosted discussions about community strengths, root causes, and issues. Strengths are assets and resources that the community can build on. Issues are things that cause concern and that people would like to see change. Root causes are the things that the community feels are the reasons why things happen the way they do.

Attached is the raw data that was collected from the workshops held from December 10th-12th:

CCP First Workshop Results – Issues

CCP First Workshop Results – Strengths-High School

CCP First Workshop Results – Strengths

CCP First Workshop Results – Root Causes