Healing Walk

Given the circumstances with the heat, we are changing the meeting location of the solidarity healing walk for the community of Metepenagiag, the Levi family, and the Moore family. The walk will now start at the Education Complex at 2:00 p.m. and finish at Moffat’s landing. After the walk, there will be a ceremonial acknowledgment at Moffat’s landing to honor our relatives and offer our strength, support and thoughts to those who are in mourning.

Living in the legacy of colonialism, we are reminded of the on-going acts of colonialism and systemic racism that continues to take our people away from our families, our communities, and our world. At the moment, we hope that we can offer the strength that will be needed to our relatives. Ms’tNogmaq (All my relations).

We ask everyone to please respect the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, the following measures will be in effect:

Masks are mandatory, with the exception of children under the age of two or people who have difficulty breathing.
Social distancing is mandatory. Please stay within your family bubbles.
Participants contact information will be taken down as a precautionary measure for contact tracing.

The temperature at the time of the walk is expected to be hot. We ask that you please stay hydrated. Water bottles will be available at Casino 88 and Moffat’s landing.