Gespe’gewa’gi Fish and Wildlife Program

The Gespe’gewa’gi Fish and Wildlife program (GFW) is new to the Natural Resources Directorate. The purpose of the program is to monitor resource use activities on the land and water; to ensure conservation and protection of natural resources; and to protect and exercise our Mi’gmaq aboriginal and treaty rights. The function of the LMG Gespe’gewa’gi Fish and Wildlife program is to promote and encourage compliance with our Mi’gmaq laws, resource management plans and policies particularly around lobster and moose resources. Key responsibility is to conduct monitor activities on Gespe’gewa’gi lands and waters on behalf of the Listuguj Mi’gmaq nation.

This Sunday GFW monitors will take to the water and lands. Fall lobster fishery begins Sunday and Moose harvest monitoring begins Monday. Natural Resources has been working on a moose harvest policy to address the issue of encroachment on Gespe’gewa’gi lands by hunters from other nations. There is a need to respect protocols between nations. As such, it’s important that “guests” request permission to hunt within our territory. It’s important to monitor activities for safety and conservation purposes. With regards to the lobster fall fishery, GFW will monitor the fishery and work to ensure our fishers are able to exercise our communal aboriginal and treaty rights, and that the fishery is conducted according to the management plan put forth by the community.