Federal and Provincial Government Fail to Fulfill Budget Promises



March 19, 2018 (Listuguj, Quebec) – Upon the Federal Government’s funding announcement in terms of First Nations Policing over the next five years, our Government was cautiously optimistic that they would receive the necessary funding to properly sustain their services for 2018-2019 and going forward.

“…We are presented with an offer that does not even begin to address the current situation and the need of our community, let alone scratch the surface of improving officer safety, training and equipment. This offer comes up about 93% short of where we should be starting as a minimum,” said Chief Darcy Gray.

“Forcing our First Nation Governments to sign under duress is not a true Government to Government negotiation process. It is the process Canada and Quebec impose on us, under the guise of reconciliation with our people. Waiting until the 11th hour to announce lower than standard funding is not only negligent and discriminatory but puts the safety and security of our communities in jeopardy. If funding for Federal, Provincial or Municipal police services were about to expire and the Governments did not respond to the agencies and the Canadian population, there would be chaos and they would never allow that to happen. This process clearly communicates that First Nations are not worth the same as the rest of the Canadian population.

First Nations Policing is still recognized as a program, not an essential service as they claim. If it was, we would not be in this same situation year after year. To start, we need legislative funding,” said Councillor Lloyd Alcon.


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