ECO Program Re-launch

ECO Program Re-launch


The LMDC and Chief and Council are honoured to reintroduce the ECO program. This program will give summer students meaningful work experience that will build self-esteem and self-confidence and will enable the youth by equipping them with the skills and tools that they need for a positive self-image and independence.

The ECO program is a career and employment camp designed to spark interest in the many opportunities available in today’s labor market. The main goal of the ECO program is to eliminate barriers to academic success through exposure to careers.

The environmental camp that the organizers participate in allows for exposure to careers in research, data analysis, reporting, statistics, desktop publishing, Biology, aquaculture, forestry, communications etc. all of these careers can be related to the subjects that are studied in high school. The importance of math, English, history, sciences etc. is brought to light as organizers progress in the program and learn from the community’s natural environment.

Added to this, is an awakening of the Mi’gmaq way of life, which respects all that is, all that gives and all that sustains life. The program reaffirms the necessity of maintaining a healthy natural environment for the continuation of all eco-systems. Organizers foster a renewed respect for our community’s natural resources by promoting clean air, water and earth which are essential for all plants, animals and Lnu to exist.

The program promotes teamwork and respect for leaders and peers; it fosters an acceptance and admiration for differences; it inspired strong identity through self-exploration; and it encourages an understanding that one had for the power to succeed, which requires making positive choices and implementing well informed decisions through research and planning.