Direct Payment Service

We are pleased to announce that LMG is introducing a new method to pay for your house or apartment, called Direct Payment Service.  This service will make payments easier; you will no longer be required to come into the band to submit your payment.  Simply complete the form along with a void cheque and the payment will automatically come out of your bank account.  The payments will be setup to come automatically from your bank account each month on the date you choose.  So this means no more unnecessary trips to the bank, no more Cheque fees, no more waiting at the band to make your payment and reassurance that your payments are made  without even leaving the house.


This service is available to all those with Lease to Own homes, Apartments and Section 95 housing.



For more information concerning Lease to Own homes contact Tricia Metallic or  for Section 95 contact Nora Ritchie at 418-788-2136