Deven Condo-Mitchell and Amanda Larocque to Compete on The Amazing Race Canada

People from all over Gespe’gewa’gi were excited to hear that The Amazing Race Canada will have its very first Mi’gmaq competitors.  Deven Condo-Mitchell and Amanda Larocque will be competing in Season 9 of the fast-paced reality show.

Condo-Mitchell is from right here in Listuguj. He is a Conservation Officer with the Listuguj Rangers and has a passion for adventure and athletics.

Larocque is from Gesgapegiag. She is the Director of Health and Social Services for the community, is a mother of two daughters, is a dancer, and like Condo-Mitchell, she shares a passion for adventure.

The couple found out about the show after a mutual friend passed along information about the application process and were thankful for the opportunity. “We’re actively making history right now. We’re the first team from the East Coast, being Mi’gmaq. Representing Gespe’gewa’gi, Mi’gma’gi,” said Condo-Mitchell. The two hope that being featured on the show will push other Mi’gmaw people to set and achieve goals. Larocque said, “It’s an absolute honour to be the first Mi’gmaq team, and I know we’re not going to be the last. We hope to inspire other youth across all Mi’gma’gi.”

Both Condo-Mitchell and Larocque are excited to share their journey with their communities. They will be taking in the first episode, watching the show for the first time like everyone else, and are excited to re-live the experience alongside their communities.

“We want to thank both of our communities for all the love and support we’ve received over the past few weeks,” said Condo-Mitchell.

The community of Listuguj is thrilled to see Condo-Mitchell and Larocque make history and compete on The Amazing Race Canada.

Season 9 of The Amazing Race Canada premieres tonight, July 4th on CTV.

Good luck Deven and Amanda!


By Ann Marie Jacques