Deven and Amanda Make History on The Amazing Race Canada


Although Deven Condo-Mitchell and Amanda Larocque didn’t make it to the finale of The Amazing Race Canada, their legacy and appearance on the show has made history across Turtle Island. The couple brought laughter to viewers week after week, and it was incredible to see the perseverance and growth that came with each challenge. The community of Listuguj has enjoyed watching and is very proud of the couple for earning fourth place overall in the show.

The challenges in the show required concentration, patience, and communication, and Condo-Mitchell and Larocque had to work together and strategize on their game. Larocque said, “We grew a lot as a couple. We grew stronger. Our communication skills were getting better every leg.” The couple would like to encourage others to put themselves out there and get out of their comfort zone because anything is possible.

The couple had their favourite challenges and locations visited while on the show. Condo-Mitchell’s favourite challenge was bungee jumping in Whistler, British Columbia, while Larocque’s was taking part in the tree dancing challenge in Tofino, British Columbia. When it comes to the friendships they made on the show, the couple keeps in contact with fellow competitors via a group chat and getting together whenever they can.

It’s no secret that Condo-Mitchell and Larocque were entertaining with their humour. Their appearance on the show came with plenty of funny moments and quotes, Larocque laughed and said, “Holy Nisgam – people are asking for t-shirts.”

People from across the nation tuned in to watch the show and cheer on Condo-Mitchell and Larocque, and the couple are grateful and overwhelmed by the support they received. Condo-Mitchell said, “We made history. We were the first Mi’gmaq team from the East Coast to represent Mi’gma’gi. There was a great responsibility, and the amount of love and support we got was truly remarkable.”

Larocque expressed her gratitude, and said, “Welalioq and gesaluloq – we love you all. Thank you all for the support throughout this race, it was truly amazing.”


By Ann Marie Jacques