COVID-19 Update: Listuguj COVID-19 Guidelines Update

COVID-19 Update: Listuguj COVID-19 Guidelines Update

The Listuguj Unified Command understands that there may be confusion over the ever-changing measures within the Province of Quebec regarding COVID-19.  Changes are happening quickly, and numerous ‘sources’ of information contribute to confusion and ‘mixed messages.’  As a First Nation Community, our social inter-connectedness makes us more vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19 than any township or municipality in the Province of Quebec.

Listuguj Unified Command has used the Quebec Public Health Measures for the Gaspesie – Illes de la Madeleines Region as a ‘guide’ for the measures put into place within our community. We take their professional opinions based on science and mold them to fit our reality within the community, all in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in Listuguj.  As such, to further safeguard our members, we will follow the ‘Regional’ QC Public Health Measure for a Ten (10) day Isolation Period for anyone with a positive test result (Rapid Test or PCR).

We are pleased to say that with the increased availability, acceptance and use of the BTNX Rapid Response COVID-19 Test in Listuguj, our community members now conduct their own ‘contact tracing’ and follow the isolation measures all to limit the spread of COVID-19 among their family members and friends.

These private test results, coupled with the delay in receiving updated data from an overwhelmed Public Health Data system means we can no longer report, with any accuracy, the daily number of positive cases in our community.

The Unified Command continues to meet and is assessing our evolving situation. Changes may be required as more information becomes available.

We continue to urge recommended health practices of wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, social distancing, and practicing proper cough etiquette.


Listuguj Unified Command