Community Notice from Capital & Infrastructure

The Capital and Infrastructure department is happy to announce that one black garbage bin will be provided for every household in Listuguj in order to improve waste management in our community. You can now come and get your garbage bin at the Public Works Garage.

Only ONE bin per household will be provided by Capital and Infrastructure. If the bin gets damaged, lost or becomes unusable, it will not be replaced by Capital and Infrastructure.

Public Works will only deliver bins to elders and people with disabilities. Please call Public Works (418-788-3047) if you are an elder or are physically incapable of coming to the Public Works Garage and haven’t received it by August 22nd 2019.

Make sure to fill out and sign this waiver in the presence of an LMG representative before taking a bin.


Help keep your community clean by putting your bin at curbside on:
THURSDAYS before 8:00 AM

No domestic/residential garbage will be picked up throughout the week. Please respect the weekly Thursday schedule.


Domestic Waste In the black bin
Recyclable Materials In the blue bin
Household Hazardous Waste

(Paint cans, used oil, batteries, etc.) or any other waste that could be dangerous to Public Works employees

To the Public Works Garage
Construction, Renovation and Demolition Waste

(Roof shingles, plaster, treated wood, etc.)

Directly at the curb or at the transfer station