CHIEF METALLIC’S  Opening Remarks noted the current developments from the Busteed Estate negotiations table. The negotiators are addressing the loss of use issues related to the lands in their exchanges with Canada. The specifics to the file continue to be at a confidential level preventing Chief Metallic from sharing full disclosure.

ELDERS CARE FACILITY – The Chief reiterated LMG’S commitment to the realization of WAQATASQ. The CMHC section 95 housing funds will be recommitted to the 2012 fiscal year. He indicated as soon as the Funding Proposal is approved by Council, the Chief will personally ensure negotiations begin with Canada and Quebec to secure construction resources. He planned to meet with the Listuguj Elders Council the following day to explain the recent decision of Council and to reassure the Elders that the Chief and Council continue to prioritize the care facility. An updated OIC (Order in Council) will be tabled at the next scheduled Council meeting to attest to this political support.

NATURAL RESOURCES – 1. SALMON MANAGEMENT – Dr. Fred Metallic presented an update of his proposed work on the subject of the Listuguj Salmon Management Plan entitled the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government’s Proposed Restigouche River Esturary Watershed Management Plan. He provided an interesting PowerPoint presentation on the history of salmon management by the Listuguj Mi’gmaw prior to European occupation. The PP’s central theme is around the significance of salmon fishery to the Mi’gmaw in terms of Mi’gmaw culture, social and economic foundations which would lead to an integrated salmon management plan. He noted that this presentation was the exact power point presented at a recent meeting held in New York City with the Restigouche River Watershed Management Council, the Restigouche River Camp Owners Association and other stakeholders. The Chief and Dr. Fred Metallic’s perspective on the outcome of this meeting was one of optimism ending on a positive note. The Proposal was approved by the LMG Council giving Dr. Fred a mandate to proceed with the work. Chief Metallic indicated that the community will be provided with the same presentation at an upcoming Community meeting.

2. Restructuring and Revitalizing Activities on Mussel Farm – Councilor Delphine Metallic spoke to the OIC proposing to request authorization to proceed with the revitalization of the LMG Mussel Farm. The OIC proposes to seek resources from DFO and the Government of Quebec (SAA) to support this proposal. The OIC was passed.

2b. LMG Fishing Vessels Upgrade – Councilor Delphine Metallic tabled a second OIC to request authorization to enter into an agreement with DFO and SAA to allow resources to be allocated toward the upgrade of LMG fishing vessels. The OIC was passed.

Servitudes on Busteed ATR and the Restigouche Log and Boom –  An OIC was tabled authorizing the acceptance of the former Restigouche Log and Boom Co. lands acquired by the Crown will be added to the Listuguj Reserve. The OIC was passed.

Roman Catholic Church final deed of transfer to the LMG – An OIC was tabled to accept the final draft deed of transfer of immovable to the LMG in order to be set apart as Reserve Land. The OIC passed.

MMS Consultation Briefing on Plateau 11 wind power project –  Tanya Barnaby briefed the LMG Council and Chief on the proposed development of a wind project on Plateau 11 (near Matapedia). The objective of this briefing was to seek direction regarding the plan to build a wind farm on Plateau 11 operated by Invernergy. Invenergy has submitted a request to the Government of Quebec under the MNRF for “land reserve status”, this being the first step to the development of this project. An environmental impact study has just been completed, results to be known to the LMG once the biologist has completed his assessment on behalf of MMS. The LMG gave its authorization subject to a clear caveat statement that Listuguj Mi’gmaw cannot be prevented to exercise its traditional activities on said land should we wish and the Aboriginal rights to the land are protected.