AV Group in partnership with the Listuguj Mi’Gmaq Government


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Press Release
For immediate release
November 7, 2014



It is with great pleasure that AV Group in partnership with the Listuguj Mi’Gmaq Government,  announce the signing of a new five year  multi level cooperation agreement.

Within this agreement there will be increases in productivity which will advance the AV Group along with the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government, it will create opportunity for expansion of products and services in the long term all while utilizing the local economy to help strengthen  the AV Group, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government and the surrounding area.

“Our focus is on improving and extending our relationships in a way in which there are multiple benefits for the stakeholders and the wider communities is good for all of us and Canada” – Chief Scott Martin

The AV Group appreciates and values the long term working relationship that we have had with the Listuguj Mi’gmaq and is pleased to see that relationship strengthened with the signing of this new five year agreement.  We look forward to exploring other opportunities that we may jointly pursue for our respective benefit and that of the surrounding communities.  – President & CEO AV Group Alan HItzroth

The renewal of this partnership agreement represents a continuation of a long standing business partnership that started in 2003 at the AV Cell Pulpmill in Atholville , New Brunswick.  This new agreement will continue existing business partnerships, and build on a number of new initiatives aimed at increasing employment and long term benefit for the community of Listuguj.