Atlantic First Nations Housing & Infrastructure Network (AFNHIN) Welcomes Chief Dean Vicaire


Since its inception, the Atlantic First Nations Housing & Infrastructure Network has been successful in achieving its mandate to bring both First Nations and key Federal departments together to discuss and resolve First Nations Housing and Infrastructure issues. In early 2013, the chairs of the then subcommittees met with a professional facilitator to discuss how they could improve an already successful network.

The result of these sessions is a new look network. The most apparent of these changes is the shift from sub-committees to working groups. Like the subcommittees before them, the working groups will cover issues from: Housing, Water & Wastewater, and Emergency Management. However, these working groups will be action focused, deciding on specific projects to ensure tangible results at the community level for all Atlantic First Nations.

The AFNHIN is pleased to welcome you to its Senior Committee. This committee is a senior-level decision-making forum for the AFNHIN. Its main objectives are to provide vision and leadership to the AFNHIN committees and working groups in addressing the priorities of Atlantic First Nations communities in areas of housing, water & wastewater, emergency management and infrastructure.

Considering the changes made to our network, the AFNHIN is looking forward to an exciting and productive future!



The AFNHIN strives to act in the best interests of all communities in the Atlantic and not just those of its members. This requires all members to be upfront, honest, hardworking and dependable. You have been asked to join the AFNHIN because you are considered an exceptional leader with a commanding knowledge of First Nations water & wastewater, housing and emergency management issues. As such, we are confident you will be a valuable addition to the network.