21B Lobster Tag Holder Information Sheet

21B Tag Holder Information Sheet

There are 235 traps for the entire 2023 Fall Lobster Season. LMG will fish 60 traps and the remaining 175 traps will be shared equally amongst the registered fishers. Each fisher will receive 8 traps each. Community members can access 1 tag through a registered fisher. However, tags are limited.

How to register for a tag?

Step 1: Come to the Natural Resources Building during the following time slots.

Tag Registration Days: September 12th – 15th, 2023

Location: Natural Resource Building, 44 Dundee Road

Time: 8:30am – 12:00pm, LUNCH, 1:00pm – 5:00pm


Step 2: Select the Fisher of your choice from the list of register fishers below.

Note, there is a limit of 8 tags per fisher. You may have to select another available fisher if your first fisher’s tag limit is reached. Choose from the following 21 fishers:

The registered fishers for the 2023 Fall lobster season are:

1.       Marcus Wysote

2.       Ryan Wysote

3.       Damien Connors

4.       Tim Wysote

5.       Blayze Isaac

6.       Roland Vicaire

7.       Christopher Wilmot

8.       Erick Martin


9.       Albert Wilmot

10.   Alexander Morrison

11.   JD Morrison

12.   Kevin Bixie Methot

13.   Ethan Barnaby

14.   Erik Lind

15.   Patrick Martin

16.   Dale Metallic

17.   Ricky Condo

18.   Ronald Swasson

19.   Luke Morrison

20.   August Morrison

21.   Jimmy George Moffat


Step 3: Complete a “Community Lobster Tag Registration Form”

Step 4: Submit completed form to the secretary, Sylvia Barnaby, and wait for a copy.


How do I receive Lobster?

You must make arrangements with your registered Fisher on how you will receive your lobster.


How much lobster should I receive from a Fisher?

The NRD estimates that a tag is worth approximately 20lbs over a 14-day fishery.

Can I still get lobster from the Community Distribution Line-up or Register for Elder Delivery?

No. When you register for a tag, you will be unable to receive lobster through the community distribution line. In addition, if you are an elder who receives a tag, you cannot receive elder’s delivery.

Why a tag system?

The Natural Resources Directorate manages the lobster fishery by monitoring “fishing effort”. Fishing effort is measured by the amount of lobster traps in the water for a giving period of time. To control effort, there must be a limited amount of traps in the water and each trap in the water must be marked with a registered tag. The Listuguj Rangers will remove a trap without a registered tag and the fisher will be held accountable. The effort allocated to the 2023 fall season is 235 traps over a 14-day period.

Why receive a tag?

Community members prefer to receive lobster directly from fishers, avoiding the community distribution line-up.

Can I sell my tag?

Since 2018, the NR department have distributed the effort (amount of traps) equally amongst the registered Fishers. Therefore, Fishers no longer need to purchase tags to fish, as they will receive an equal portion of tags. However, community members can sell the lobster they receive if they choose not to eat it.